i opened a gym

Except it’s not really a gym.

There are no machines.

There are no televisions for you to drone out to while elipticaling.

No front desk lady folding towels.

So let me rephrase that.

I opened a group training studio.

(And it’s awesome.)







Let me go back a little, like …way back.

On Travis’ 25th birthday, we sat across from each other at a Sweet Tomatoes restaurant in Westminster, Colorado and set some goals.  I still have the piece of paper.  “By 35” was the title.  A list of things we wanted to accomplish, both as a couple and individually, by the time we turned 35 years old.

“Own a gym” was on the list.

(Along with “purchase all the camping equipment we would ever need” which I laugh about now because we haven’t purchased one single piece of camping equipment nor gone camping.  But I digress.)

“Own a gym” was a goal.  A goal I really didn’t put much thought toward accomplishing and truth be told, I never thought it would happen.  It was one of those ambiguous goals that take A LOT of little details along the way to actually accomplish.  I could write a book about the 10 years between that Sweet Tomatoes date and now, telling you about how I got my personal training certification (actually two), started working at a few gyms along the way.  About how I made the leap two years ago and started training clients out of my basement.  I could write about those years of begging people to come workout with me on Saturday mornings at the track.  “Come workout with me – FREE!!!”  And about how no one but my sister showed up.

Writing that book will be on my “By 45”-goal list.

Instead of highlighting all of the HOW, I want to share the WHY.

My WHY for starting MoveMore Fitness (once out of my basement and a loaned space…now the physical studio) was/is to simply help people.  I’m a natural-born encourager.  I love seeing others succeed at something they’ve put their mind to.  I love cheering them on.  You tell me a goal, I’ll help you get there.  Combine natural-born encourager with fitness and you’ve got yourself a personal trainer.  Add in a health administration degree and you’ve got yourself a gym studio owner.


Last piece.  Add in FAITH and the desire to share God’s love….and you’ve got yourself where I’m at right now.


This month, January 2017, I have 53 people on my client list.  I get to help 53 people.

I have more to write, more to share about what owning a studio and homeschooling three kids looks like.  I have a post about margin.  I have a post about going after what you want, about having faith that no matter what you’ll be taken care of and that it might not look how you thought being “taken care of” would look.

For today, I wanted to tell you that I opened a gym.

(and it’s awesome).


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  1. I love this post so very, very much. You are absolutely inspiring, both in what you have achieved and in your faith that shines through all that you do and that has gotten you where you are. Love you.

  2. I always wish I lived closer to take be a part of Move More! Between what you share on your blog and instagram it seems like you have created such a wonderful group of clients that enjoy working out together in a judgment free and encouraging space! It’s not always the norm (sadly) and I hope you continure to do what you’re doing – it’s wonderful.

  3. Ive read your blog over the years and thought Id check it out today and saw this post. I think this is fantastic, I live in Canada, don’t know you but am really, genuinely happy for you! This is wonderful and I believe your intentions are as well. May this new venture be blessed!!Congratulations!