This past Saturday, my mom offered to watch ALL THREE KIDS while I took some time to myself (apparently she’d seen that real-life video I posted after a rough day on Thursday and felt sorry for her grandkids me).  Naturally, I took her up on it quicker than you can say, “Mama needs a break,” three times fast.

I enjoyed a quiet drive over to Asheville, listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.  I leisurely tried on $90 pants a Lululemon (and then decided a stay-at-home mom of three should really only be looking at the Lulu clearance rack).  I sprint-walked through the mall and didn’t buy a thing.  I ate sushi sloooowly and people watched.  People are so fun.  Then I browsed the aisles of Trader Joes with every single other person alive (maybe people aren’t so fun….but seriously, the Asheville TJ’s is a sardine can…with no parking).




I think the thing that shocked me the most was how little time it took to get in and out of the car.  There is no “popping in and out” with three little ones.  Those six hours away by myself were magical.  I’m thankful to BE a mama but I’m also thankful for having a mama who knew just what I needed.


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  1. Glad you had a few hours of ‘me’ time. Do you know about the Lululemon trainer discount? I was in there a few weeks ago and a lady ahead of me was taking advantage of it. I think it is 15% or something. Maybe you can goggle it and find out the info!