In celebration of Valentine’s Day, here is a list of things I’m currently loving:

  • Soggy cereal.
  • Not-soggy cereal.
  • All cereal.
  • When the Holy Spirit moves at church and I can literally see the goosebumps forming on my arms.
  • Travis’ manbun.
  • Travis’ everything.
  • This family he gave me.


  • The way that Amazon segues right into the next Backyardigans so I can sit still for just a bit longer.
  • Walking with Tiffany at the track (boo hiss to the current it’s-freezing-outside-so-we-can’t status.  I can’t wait for Spring).
  • Looking out my back window and still loving the fact that it’s Winter.


  • Eating my protein pancake as slooooowly as I can every morning.
  • Burpees and thrusters and push-ups and….
  • The way my new Arbonne lotion smells.


  • Being able to say that last sentence and not trying to sell you guys anything.
  • The excitement of a snow day.
  • The fact that my seven-year-old was brave enough to audition for Treasure Island (not only that but he ROCKED it, pirate-accent and all).


  • Hazelnut k-cups.
  • The way Tiger Balm makes my sore muscles feel (but not the smell…the smell is not good).
  • Reading through the Bible with my inlaws.
  • Group texts with my inlaws (although sometimes I DO click on the “Do Not Disturb” function).
  • Trying to perfect the cauliflower-crust pizza.  I can’t seem to make them “pickupable.”  (Any tips/recipes you love??)


  • Puzzling with my husband.
  • Making puzzling a verb.


  • Doing everything I can to find out how best to teach Clara.
  • Being BLESSED to be able to BE her teacher and all of the amazingness of homeschooling.
  • Helping others lead healthy lives…being a cheerleader.


  • Blogging sporadically.
  • Deleting the Facebook app from my phone.
  • Resting.  Truly resting.
  • The way Sunday feels.

Just to name a few….

Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear friends!  I hope you feel loved (because you ARE loved!).

QUESTION:  What are some of YOUR current LOVES??


  1. An Inlaw says:

    Putting in law texts on ‘do not disturb’ and removing FB from your phone are pretty equal actions. Both can take up tons of time, and while a great way to keep in touch and very entertaining, need to be put in their proper place.

    • lindsaymwright says:

      definitely! It’s mostly not cool when I’m training clients and everyone in the text is oooing and ahhing over a baby picture or laughing at Everett and my phone dings 20 times but i can’t silence it because music for training comes out of my phone too.

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