It’s currently 11:54am on Sunday morning.  Any other Sunday morning you’d find me singing at church right about now but Porter has an icky stomach bug so I stayed behind with him.  Travis and the other two are enjoying worship and Sunday school – I miss it!!  Porter had a really off day yesterday (like just wasn’t his normal, energetic self) and then woke up this morning and began vomiting.  He’s asleep right now (and has been napping for nearly two hours) so I thought I’d open up the old laptop and give this blogging thing a go.  Let’s see what’s going on….list style.


1.  Since I knew he’d nap a while, I popped downstairs and walked 3 miles on the treadmill just now.  I LOVE having a gym downstairs to use at my disposal but ESPECIALLY during the winter months.  It’s just so convenient.  We usually play ultimate frisbee on Sunday afternoons but since I knew we wouldn’t get out there today with a sick baby, I just wanted to move my body a little bit.  Walking on the treadmill can get super duper boring (especially when your view is a stack of Rubbermaid storage boxes, full of children’s clothes) so I opened up Youtube and caught up on some of the random people I follow.  I like to watch:

  • MegSquats
  • Travis S
  • Matt Does Fitness
  • Brittany Lesser
  • Bethel Music

So basically four fitness Youtubers and one worship channel.  I don’t know these people personally (except for Brittany who came to Blend one year) but I just like watching their videos – they entertain me.  Who are some of your favorite Youtubers??

2.  I’m coaching another Clean Eating Challenge that starts tomorrow and I’m pumped.  This is the 2nd January group (there were 13 people in the last one and 14 people in the one that starts tomorrow).  I’m by no means a dietician or nutritionist (and my clients know this) but I’ve been around nutrition/healthy eating enough to provide general guidelines and encouragement for my clients who need it.  I created these challenges as a way of introducing people to “clean eating” and a whole foods-based approach to eating.  As a certified personal trainer, I cannot prescribe meal plans but I can give general guidance.  I’ve found that the KEY to success for these clients comes from two things – 1) being held accountable and 2) receiving encouragement and support in a group setting.  I’ve seen some amazing transformations and I love helping people.  The next one starts February 15th – please let me know if you’re interested as I can coach you remotely!

3.  We woke up to a light dusting of snow this morning in Western North Carolina!!!!!  This was our first “snow” of the year and it was gone in a hot minute (literally as soon as the sun rose) but still kinda exciting.  There’s a little snow icon thingymajig showing for Wednesday on my weather app so maybe we’ll get something.  Fingers crossed.

4.  MLK holiday is tomorrow. Are you off work?  We’ll have a pretty normal day around here with school and MoveMore groups.  Also Henry has a basketball game.


5.  Holy smokes – let’s talk about 6-7 year old basketball.  It’s hilarious and so cute and super frustrating.  This is Henry’s first year playing.  Prior to his first practice, I can’t recall a time when he’d ever even watched basketball let alone play it so he is essentially starting from scratch.  He’s done so well learning the rules and he’s really putting forth effort….but he just is not competitive.  All of those things that he’d get in trouble for off-the-court (stealing someone’s ball, being aggressive towards others, getting down and dirty to force a jump ball), he’s ENCOURAGED to do on-the-court.  I think it’s just a little confusing right now.  Any tips from you seasoned sport mamas??  How can you teach someone to be competitive?

6.  Travis has agreed to train me through a cycle of Mark Rippetoe’s “Starting Strength.”  Have you heard of this program?  Since so much of my current training focuses on speed, agility, and conditioning, I’ve been missing that heavy lifting part.  The Starting Strength program focuses on four heavy lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press) and systematic progression through each lift (you start very light, for instance my beginning squat weight was 65 pounds).  I’m excited to see what types of strength gains I can make over the coming months….AND excited to spend more time with Travis doing something we both enjoy.  I plan to blog about the process.


(Not related at all but I was wearing real clothes the other day and had to document.)

7.  What else??  Some random thoughts…

  • Clara will likely never play a sport because she hates running or exerting herself in any physical manner.  Smile
  • I need to clean off the side porch and have a yard sale but I don’t think people have yard sales in the Winter, do they?
  • Puzzles.  They’re my jam recently.


  • We’re working on eating out of the freezer right now and I need to get some fish out to thaw.  (I just went and did that and found a package of frozen breastmilk with no date on it.  It’s gotta be from Porter since we didn’t have this fridge when Clara was nursing but still…tossed that of course.)
  • I want some Sour Patch Kids.
  • And I’d like a not-sick, non-vomiting toddler.  Please and thanks.

That’s all I have for you guys today.  Please pray for our little clan and that this bug leaves as quickly as it came.

QUESTION:  Answer any of the random questions I sprinkled throughout the post.


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  1. I would be extremely interested in a clean eating support group!! Would love it if you could give me more information!

  2. Re: Clara never playing sports. I hated all sports (and running) with a passion until college, when I got into running just to prove that I could do something I thought was impossible. And now? 100+ marathons, and going to the gym (or for a run/hike) is probably my favorite activity. Never say never :)

  3. I had an icky sicky little boy this weekend as well, not fun! I hope no one else catches it! The Youtube channels my kids and I love are Nerdy Nummies and Good Mythical Morning. They are both pretty funny!
    I wish I had today off, my kids are home from school and I would love to be with them! But, its a short work day for me so for that I am grateful!

  4. Oh man, I totally want to go through a heavy strength program! My apartment fitness center is like a small hotel gym so no barbells or heavy weights but there are light dumbbells, a multi-purpose strength machine and cardio equipment. It gets the job done for now but I’m totally itching to get back into a gym and lift heavy again! I can’t wait to hear what you think of that program!