It’s been a while.

Like I had to blow dust off LiveWriter when I opened it up.  Like I’m not really sure what to talk about because I can’t remember where I left off.  Let’s see if I remember how to type.


Life is going well.  There’s definitely this Christmas-y feel in the air.  My kids are skipping around and asking for hot chocolate (everysinglesecondofeverysingleday) and they’re just so happy to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  Many have asked and I’ve never really addressed it but we don’t do Santa.  We feel as though it’s a distraction from the real reason for the season, plus we don’t like lying to our kids.  No Elf on a Shelf either for many of the same reasons.  I’m sure some of you reading think I’m judging you if you do Santa – I am not.  To each their own, yes?  I’ll go ahead and apologize if one of my kids spoils the secret for one of your kids…they’ve been given strict instructions not to spill the beans but alas, they are kids and they mess up sometimes.  Anyway, moving on.  005

Christmas is my very favorite holiday.  As soon as Thanksgiving is over, my mind races towards all things jolly and bright.  We put up our tree last Saturday and I try to sit in the front room (where it is) as often as I can.  I’ve already decided that I’m moving it into the main living room next year – I want to SEE it more often.  The front room proves to be the easiest place (our front door is right there and it’s easy to get it in and out) but we’re just hardly ever in that room.  Fingers crossed but so far, Porter hasn’t tried to injure himself by pulling it over or anything.  Only time will tell.


Speaking of Thanksgiving, we hiked Siler Bald again for the seventh year in a row on Thanksgiving morning.  I love this tradition and I see no end in sight.






Henry is trying out for basketball for the first time tomorrow.  He’s in the developmental league which hopefully means they’ll whip him into Scottie Pippin while he’s at practice.  If his soccer ability transfers over to basketball, his coach will have his work cut out for him.  That kid just doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body.  His bones are mostly “telling jokes” and “being good at math” ones.


Clara went with her cousin to a Christmas craft thingy last night and came home with white paint between her toes and a beautiful little blue canvas with a snowman on it.  She desperately wanted to wear this “Mrs. Claus”-type of dress but after speaking with the craft host (who thought she might get paint on it), we decided blue jeans were a better option.  She was extremely disappointed (to the point of sobbing tears) and yet again, I was again reminded that my daughter is a beautifully complex creature who cries over fashion.  She will marry a rich doctor one day – of this I am sure.  Good for her.





Let’s see….Porter.  He leads a simple life.  He has just recently discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He would sit and watch Mickey for hours if I let him (and sometimes I do).  He also loves brushing his teeth at the end of the night…working on that hygiene.  I think opening Christmas presents will be really fun with him this year.  I can’t wait.

Travis is well.  We’re still madly in love.  It’s an easy, natural love and I love that about us.  I gave him french braids the other night.  He’s such a manly girl.


And with that, I will say farewell for now.  A warm bed is calling my name.

Have the most fabulous weekend, my friends!

QUESTION:  Christmas tree….real or fake??  <-fun fact: growing up, my dad was a tree farmer (side hobby) and sold Christmas trees for all of my childhood years.  We always had a real tree at our house, still do.


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  1. I love Christmas too <3
    I grew up with a big real tree. My dad would help out on weekends at a Christmas Tree farm so we would always go out one weekend to meet him there and then go out into the "forest" to pick out the tree.
    The last few years since I was in high school and now college, my mom had to get a fake tree because she's allergic :( She knows I hate the fake so she does always get a small real tree to keep and decorate in the other room!