Two days of blogging in a row?!?!  Whaaaat?!?

Just go with it.

I’ve got some wiggly, writing fingers and the only cure is more cow bell blogging.

Tuesday’s Tangents

1.  Christmas is over and I’m a little sad.

Is that a thing??  Post-Christmas Sadness Disorder.  I have it.  I just kind of walked around the house all sad yesterday, taking down all of the Christmas decorations.  (totally related –> our tree was ridiculously DEAD this year.  SO many pine needles.  The mess was outta this world and I’m glad it’s gone.)  Luckily I have some serious goals for 2016 that I want to get started on and while I’m sad that Christmas is behind us, I’m also excited about the new year.

2.  My kitchen table is now a cottage.

Thanks to my MIL and her creativity (and sewing skills), my kitchen table has been transformed into a quaint little play house for the kids.  This “tablecloth house” came with a mailbox, windows, a door that closes and a fireplace inside.  We can’t eat dinner together ever again but they don’t mind a bit.  Winking smile





3.  I’m in love with the Polar A360.

I’ve had the A360 for a few weeks now and have found some features that really set it apart:

  • WRIST-BASED heart rate monitoring with personalized training guidance and 24/7 activity tracking (you don’t have to hassle with a chest strap!).
  • Easily tracks workouts, sleep quality, steps taken, distance, calories burned and activity.
  • A vibrant COLOR touchscreen (feels like using a smartphone).  AND it’s waterproof!!
  • Waterproof wristband has a secure buckle for a comfortable fit (you can purchase additional bands in various colors too).
  • Plan, sync and get feedback with the Polar flow web service and app (Android and iOS compatible).

I’ve been wearing the fitness tracker during our Ultimate Frisbee games just to see how much we run during the games.  On Sunday, I ran just under FIVE miles in about 50 minutes and kept my heart rate around 135 bpm.  I KNEW we ran a lot (I’m always starving and super thirsty afterwards) but didn’t know how much.



I’m extremely happy with the quality of the Polar products that I’ve reviewed in the past.  If you’re looking for an activity tracker to help you meet your goals, Polar has several options.

Polar is offering 20% off of any Polar Heart Rate Monitor or activity tracker.  The code “POLARFITBLOG” is good online at Polar.comAct fast – it expires on 12/31/15.

4.  In the 15 minutes I’ve been sitting here typing, I’ve managed to eat half of this bag of Chex mix. Can’t stop.

image1 (9)

5.  I’m considering going out on New Year’s Eve.

But let’s face it.  I’m old.  Travis is old.  We have three kids.  We have a warm bed and comfy pajamas.  The odds aren’t in our favor…but we’ll see.  Someone convince me that standing in heels, surrounded by drunk people is better than cuddling.


QUESTION:  What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?  Ever tried an activity tracker or Polar products??  <-YES!  Love the A360 and I also use the Polar FT60.


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.

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  1. Hahaha your NYE texts made me laugh out loud! We don’t have kids yet so we don’t have much of an excuse not to go out but I know I’m going to be sleepy by 10pm ;) I’ll have to have lots of coffee to stay up late!

    I have a FitBit and I LOVE seeing how much different activities give me in terms of steps and calories and things like that. Ultimate Frisbee sounds like quite a workout!

  2. love seeing your post!! no plans for new years.. I think snuggles with the boys & movies will do :) I get post Christmas sadness too!