Hola and happy Monday, friends!

How was your weekend??  We had a wonderful one but the highlight was my sister’s annual Dirty Santa Christmas party.  A totally kid-free, girls night (thanks T for watching the kids).  I came home refreshed, with a full belly and $20 in change (my sister’s gift which I thought was totally worth snagging…who doesn’t love cash?!?!).  I’ve got some pictures on my phone from the weekend and I’ll share them tomorrow but for now, let’s switch gears and talk about a sweet fitness-related gift that you’ll want to snag.

Today I’m teaming up with Fitfluential and Polar to highlight their newest activity tracker, the Polar A360.


I’ve had the A360 for two weeks now and have found some features that really set it apart:

  • WRIST-BASED heart rate monitoring with personalized training guidance and 24/7 activity tracking (you don’t have to hassle with a chest strap!).
  • Easily tracks workouts, sleep quality, steps taken, distance, calories burned and activity.
  • A vibrant COLOR touchscreen (feels like using a smartphone).  AND it’s waterproof!!
  • Waterproof wristband has a secure buckle for a comfortable fit (you can purchase additional bands in various colors too).
  • Plan, sync and get feedback with the Polar flow web service and app (Android and iOS compatible).

Polar just launched a new campaign called #DiscoverYourFirsts as a way to expand their brand story by sharing real-life inspirational moments and everyday lifestyle stories from ordinary people with different backgrounds from all over the world.  I was challenged to share a “FIRST” with you all today and I knew I wanted to write about my latest hobby.

My #DiscoverYourFirsts Experience – ULTIMATE FRISBEE




If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Snapchat lately, you’ll know that Travis and I play in an Ultimate Frisbee league a couple of times a week.  I absolutely LOVE it…but that hasn’t always been the case.  My friend, Callie invited us out to play back in early Summer of this year and I kept declining.  I was scared (which is totally not like me – I’m normally confident in sports and new situations) as I hadn’t thrown a frisbee in….well, I don’t know that I’d really ever thrown a frisbee before then.  I’m sure in elementary school at some point, but definitely not well and DEFINITELY not well enough to call it a sport or be an asset on a team.  Yowza, no.

She kept asking and asking and she finally wore me down.

I remember going out to the field that first time.  I made myself as small as possible, apologizing to anyone who threw me the frisbee because they didn’t know that they’d just made a very bad decision.  I looked the part of athlete, but threw and caught like a total newb (Travis was completely amazing of course…he’s a natural).  I somehow survived that first game (you run A LOT in ultimate, some games I’ve tracked over 4 miles on the Polar A360) and as everyone was regrouping and getting water, I started to chat with the players.  They were SO nice and encouraging.  We played a second game.  And half of a third (we have kids) and I knew that we’d keep coming back.


That was seven months ago and as I sit here typing this, I know for a fact that ultimate frisbee (and this group of friends) will always have a place in our lives.  It’s a sport that I’m addicted to.…Travis too.  It’s an active “date” for us.  My catching and throwing have improved and I’m no longer the last one picked.  I’m glad that Callie didn’t give up on inviting us and I’m so glad I overcame those initial fears.



Along with the #DiscoverYourFirsts campaign, Polar is offering 20% off of any Polar Heart Rate Monitor or activity tracker.  The code “POLARFITBLOG” is good online at Polar.com

Act fast – it expires on 12/31/15.


QUESTION:  Tell me about one of your “firsts” and overcoming fear!  Ever played ultimate frisbee??


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Polar.

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