Every year.


It’s a competition.

It’s a sport to him.

He’s got it all planned out.  A far-off date in mind as our point of destination.  We MUST beat last year’s date – we’re undoubtedly stronger now.  

How long can we last before we break down and turn the heat on?

How long before we admit defeat?

I look around for the hidden cameras.  Surely we’re on some type of “Survivor” show that he’s signed us up for (without my consent).  I wonder how the other families are doing with the challenge and how much the prize money will be.  We’re tough and hearty people but I’m not sure who we’re up against.  What channel does this air on??  Will they edit out the jumping jacks I just made the kids do to keep their body temperatures up??  (I’ll never know because another thing he won’t pay for is cable).

image1 (2)

Yet despite my rigid fingers and frozen snot, I must support this endeavor.  Because he makes it fun.  And he’s always looking out for us.  ALWAYS.  And I know that soon (when we can literally see our breath over dinner conversation), he’ll get up and with a disgruntled huff, go turn the heat on and 68 degrees will feel like we’re sitting on the sun.


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  1. Haha! My husband is the same. He keeps track of when we turn it on each year! We live in MN and I think it’s more fun to track when we turn if off…like May.

  2. Wow…I guess I win this competition. When the dish and hand soap have frozen solid, and the thermostat says 30 something,maybe it’s a bit chilly. I guess there are only so many blankets & layers one can put on before I have to turn on the heat. My kids look like blanket mounds in the winter, lol

  3. 60 degrees in the house this morning! My 13yr old daughter slept in sweatpants and sweatshirt with covers to her nose. My husband says-it’s just a cold spell, no need to turn the heat on when it’ll warm up by the middle of the week. Ok, you have a point hubby! We shall conquer the cold spell!

  4. Oh my goodness! This sounds just like my husband. It was 59 degrees in our room when I got up this morning! And we have already switched to a digital antenna to avoid paying for cable!

  5. The test of wills… Haha! Well seeing u have enough kids on ur side to out number him, u should all be able to break him down by attrition soon!! Haha! What’s his largest pet peeve and surround him with it!! ;)