Catchy title, eh?

(I flunked the “Finding The Right Title” course in blogging school.)

I’m sitting here on Thursday morning with a couple of free minutes (Porter just went down for his morning nap, Henry is reading in the front room and Clara is beside me working on her math assignment.  She just looked at me with glazed-over eyes and asked me if “eleventy” was a number.  I think we might be done for the morning.)

I don’t have much to say or share.  In fact, this whole week I’ve been feeling “meh” about the blog and social media.  I just haven’t wanted to pick up my phone and share our moments as much as usual.  I think that’s totally fine.  I DO wonder sometimes what life would look like if I weren’t constantly taking pictures, updating Instagram or Snapchat and thinking about the next blog post.  Taking all of that away would free up so much time (which I always need more of)….but also make it much harder to look back at pictures and moments that I captured.  There’s a catch 22 there.  My only solution is to go with my gut at the moment –> if I feel like sharing, share…and if not, put the phone away

Some randoms from the week:

  • My friend Jacqueline posted a piece of wall art that she made the other day and I loved it so much that I asked her to make one for Clara’s bedroom!  She let me pick out the yarn color and wood finish.  It turned out perfectly!  Thanks Jacqueline!



  • Our TV cords look better!  Finally!  Travis ordered this cord organizer tube thingy and it’s made our bedroom look so much better.


  • Speaking of TV, we’ve been watching the latest Netflix season of The Walking Dead.  So far, it’s much better than previous seasons.  What are you currently watching??
  • Workouts have been going well lately but I’m ready to start focusing more on lifting HEAVY.  I’m actually thinking about gaining weight (muscle) and I just need to sit down and write out a program for myself.  It’ll be a bit challenging (my current routine is more focused on bodyweight strength and metabolic conditioning due to logistics) but I’ve lost some weight in my booty and it needs more “plump.”  I’ll keep you updated on the progress.  Winking smile
  • Travis came to gymnastics this week and it was like Christmas morning for the kids.


  • It’s supposed to rain A LOT this weekend (due to Hurricane Joaquin) and I’m actually looking forward to it.  We have SO many house/family projects that need to be tackled and it’ll be nice to be forced to rest and get some things done around here.
  • I found the new Quest Pumpkin Pie bar!  And wasn’t thrilled.  Womp womp.  All the hype about this newest Fall flavor just didn’t live up to what I was expecting.  The bar is ok but tastes more like a vanilla or caramel flavor than pumpkin.  I’ll stick to my favorite –> Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.


  • Speaking of pumpkin stuff, if you’ll remember the kids and I made Travis an Oooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake for his birthday.  I’m happy (sad) to say that without sharing, Travis and I have taken down most of that cake.  It’s just too good.


  • I’m thinking of getting a pair of CLEATS for ultimate frisbee.  People usually wear soccer cleats for this –> any suggestions for a good adult soccer cleat??


  • I’m going shopping today….with ZERO kids! It has been several YEARS since I’ve done this, you guys.  Travis is taking half the day off and letting me head to Asheville (with my best friend in tow) to shop without distraction. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my kids and they are pretty easy to take anywhere (in fact, I prefer their company over most anyone elses)…but it will be nice to go in and out of shops without getting kids in and out of the car, to eat with both hands.  A special, rare treat!  Thank you, Travis!

Ok…I have to help with some math.  Eleventy is starting to sound more and more like a number.  I’ll catch you all on Monday – have a fabulous weekend!!

QUESTION:  What’s your ALL-TIME favorite cake??  Any plans for the weekend?


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  1. TV! Wow … I’m envious you have time to watch; I think Wednesday night was the first night in FOREVER I wasn’t too tired after the littles went to sleep and I actually got to watch tv. It felt strange. And wonderful!
    So … I’m getting into heavy lifting too, well, I just started, yesterday. Man alive am I sore! It probably didn’t help to do speed work today but I felt ok when I first got up. Please keep me/us updated on your lifting progress. I have a desk job and need to NOT have a flat booty.
    As far as cleats, when I played soccer year round on 3 -4 different teams I swore by Copa Mundial’s by Adidas. I don’t remember wearing any other cleat come to think of it.
    Oh – and cake … I will eat all of them. all of the time!