It’s FRIDAY!  Can I get a “whoot whoot”?  (spelling?)

Here’s some fun stuff for you to read on this lovely almost-weekend day.


1.  I’m in love with this song.  I think I’ve worn out my Bethel CD from overuse.  That’s not a bad problem to have.

2.  I forgot to wish MoveMore Fitness a happy birthday!  Last September, I started my own training company and haven’t looked back.  MoveMore has blessed me in so many ways – happy birthday, business!

3.  Speaking of training, I finally got my GPTS certificate in the mail.  Legit.  Now I just have to renew my CPR/AED and we’re good for another two years.


4.  These exist and they’re pretty decent.  Not amazing.  You should buy them just to fit in but don’t expect fireworks or anything.  (how’s that for the most non-committal product review ever?)


5.  I want to go ride a rollercoaster.  Random, but I was thinking back on like 5 years ago when Travis, myself and some friends drove down to Carowinds one night.  It was SO fun and I can’t believe it’s been five years. I LOVE riding roller coasters.  I love that stomach-gravitating-up-into-your-throat-when-you-go-over-the-first-hill feeling.  This needs to happen ASAP.  Who wants to babysit??

6.  Truth – I stopped writing in Porter’s baby book when he was like 9 months old.  Blah.  Bad Mommy.

7.  Another truth – as I type up this post, he’s sitting on the kitchen table eating stale Birthday Cake Teddy Grahams.  I would say that I’ve gotten lazier with each child but that’s not true – I’ve always been lazy.  Stale processed foods make him happy and buy me time.

8.  I’m still loving ThredUp!  I’ve ordered three times so far and have yet to be disappointed; these consigned clothes are in great shape!


(Oshkosh B’gosh snow bibs and cardigan– $5 & $4, Mossimo dress – $9, Anthropology scarf – $10, J Crew white denim jeans – $9)

9.  I saw this lonely cloud the other day and took a picture.  Framer. Winking smile


10.  Another truth – I took this posed picture before frisbee on Wednesday to show off these new Mizuno WaveInspire’s that the company sent me (love them btw – can’t go wrong with Mizuno).  As soon as Travis snapped the shot, I changed OUT of the shoes and a different pair (coincidentally another pair of Mizunos but extremely old and dirty).  I have this thing with new shoes and want to keep them “new” for as long as possible.  Is that weird??  I remember during my high school cross country days – our coach would MAKE us run through a mud puddle when we got new shoes.  Said he didn’t want anything, even new shoes, to stop us from going fast. 

At 33 years old, I get to make my own decisions.  I like clean, new shoes.025

Annnnd…we’re done!

Happy Friday, my friends!  Take time to recharge those batteries – I’ll see you Monday!

QUESTION:  What’s on your agenda for this weekend?  <-soccer, house projects, frisbee and some shopping!


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  1. My husband & I LOVE Carowinds! It was one of our 1st dates :)

    Having a baby is on my agenda this weekend! 42 weeks on Monday & trying everything to get him out naturally before then. Wondering now if these are contractions I’m feeling or continued cramps from the castor oil my midwife had me take this morning…

  2. I’ve driven by Carowinds but haven’t gone yet! It looks intense and I’m a big wimp when it comes to heights haha! We don’t have anything on the agenda yet for the weekend besides birth class, chores, and church! We’ll probably throw in a few spontaneous activities. :)