I didn’t mean to take those extra days off from the blog but life happened.  Love it when it does.  Winking smile  I’ve been doing this gig for over 4 years now and in the beginning I would feel so horrible for missing a day or two of blogging.  What?!?!  That concept just seems so foreign these days.  No pressure here – if the fingers feel like typing, I let them.  Otherwise, I just go on about my day.  Glad this feels like a hobby and not a job.

So this past weekend was packed with some fun stuff and a lot of RELAXATION.  The highlight –> My parents took Henry and Clara CAMPING on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning!!  They stayed in a tent.  They fished.  They ate smores.  They didn’t want to come home.  I honestly cried on Thursday night because a didn’t know how they were doing or if they were surviving.  Lol.  It was all for nothing because they had a blast.  I’m sure this will become a yearly event and hopefully Travis and I can come with Porter…he was just too young this year.

The Weekend Lowdown

Friday, the 9th

Friday kicked off with a fun Trackstars.  We did a teamwork workout and finished with some basketball drills.  I love throwing anything and everything at my clients – they just show up, ready to sweat and we have (safe) fun.  It’s a JOY!  Afterwards, I came home, showered, ate breakfast and after Porter woke up from his morning nap, we drove up to Standing Indian Campground to surprise the kids.  We walked around, ate lunch and rode bikes.  They gave me a play-by-play of all the things they’d been doing.   Porter and I left them just before his afternoon nap and drove back down the mountain.

Friday night consisted of a walk downtown, dinner and then finishing up Season 5 of The Walking Dead.  Do you watch this show??  I’m not typically into zombie/scary stuff but I kinda like it.









Saturday, the 10th

On Saturday, we woke up to rain so I moved Trackstars inside and changed up the programming.  We did my “Countdown To Awesome” workout, combined with a battle rope finisher.  I was a sweaty mess afterwards.  Right after the workout, Travis and I jetted over to my parent’s house to pick up H & C (they came home earlier from camping than expected because of the rain.  I wasn’t mad. Winking smile).  After a shower, I changed into pjs for (almost) the rest of the day.

Things we did:  worked on our gallery wall (pictures coming soon – we’re almost finished!), fun crafts with Clara, watched a movie and Backyardigans, organized the bathroom closet, painted my nails, made chocolate fondue dip (YUM!), washed FOUR loads of laundry, vacuumed the floors and LOUNGED.  Ahhhh….it was perfect.

Around dinnertime, we decided to walk downtown to listen to a local band.  We stayed for all of 10 minutes and then walked back home (and changed back into pjs).  Lol.  I’m a creature of comfort, you guys.









Sunday, the 11th

Sunday morning started EARLY.  Like 5am kind of early.  A group of girls and I wanted to get in a Fall hike so we met and hiked Siler Bald again.  The last time we did this hike was in August so it was a little different – it was colder, the leaves are changing (beautiful!!!) but the sunrise was also later.  We hung around at the top for a good 30 minutes and never saw past the fog.  Oh well – the company more than made up for it and I got home in time for a shower before church.

As soon as we got home from church, I fixed a quick mish-mosh lunch (quesadillas/mac n’ cheese/yogurt) and changed into pjs.  After lounging around for the better part of the afternoon, we decided to go play Ultimate frisbee.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of that game – just SO much fun!!  (Especially when I’m on Travis’ team and we can play together).  We played for a little over two hours, picked up a couple of pizzas for dinner and spent the rest of the night icing our knees and feet.  (Getting old).



^^all the MoveMore logos!!^^







Annnnd that’s a wrap.  Whew – hope you made it this far.  Happy Monday, friends!

QUESTION:  Best thing you did this weekend?  Ever been tent camping??


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  1. Best thing: family baby shower with some of our church family at the park, followed by a quick stop at a local fall festival (even though it was 93 degrees #oversummer). Our AC is out, so we’re spending as much time out of the house as possible!
    And we went tent camping for the first time this past summer, right up the road from you ;). I recommend Indian Creek Campground in Cherokee!

  2. I love when you post workouts! I still need to learn a lot of the moves/exercises but thanks for sharing! Best thing this weekend: church with the entire family & friends! Plus an amazing sermon about God & MArriage!

  3. Lindsay, do you use product in your hair when its curly?? Have you ever posted on this before? Its gorgeous and I would love to hear how you do it..I have a horrific time trying to tame my mane :)