I’ve apparently done a pretty good job of misleading you all into thinking I’m Wonder Woman.  (That’s a costume that typically reserved for the bedroom).

When I asked for vlog topics a few weeks ago, I had several of you ask the same question:


Ummm….I laughed when I read these.  Like woke-up-a-napping-toddler kind of laughter.

You can watch the vlog but I’ll skip to the chase. I DON’T DO IT ALL. 


And I couldn’t possibly.

I AM one busy woman.  I have three kids who I stay home with (which is a job in itself).  I homeschool those three kids.  I play housewife to Travis (laundry, cooking, cleaning, errands).  I own FOUR businesses.  I write this blog.  I volunteer at church and sing on our worship team.  I try to be a good friend.

I DO a lot, yes.

But I’m not always the best at juggling so many balls; at wearing so many hats.  Things and people slip through the cracks and if it weren’t for some key things I’ve learned (and am STILL learning), life would look a lot more frazzled and broken than it does.  As it stands, I’ve have a pretty good routine down and that allows me to be successful.

Watch the vlog to see how I cope with a busy life and maintain that elusive thing we call BALANCE(And hear my fake British accent….)

QUESTION:  In the vlog, I outline THREE things that help me maintain a good life balance.  What are some ways YOU cope??



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  1. i wanna be your friend!! Your honesty and insights are so great! I look up to you as I’m a first time mom (4.5 month old) so much to learn! Thanks for pouring goodness and happiness into the world!