Happy Friday.  Happy Fall.  Happy fa-la-la-lala.

Hope you all are doing well!  I just have to say – I was BLOWN AWAY by all of your comments on my last post.  I promise that I read every single one of them and I LOVED them (even if I didn’t respond back).  Just hearing all of your experiences and opinions not only helped me come to a better understanding of what I want…but it also helped me get to know YOU better.  Love this community.

Now on to Friday.  #bestday

Here are 7 facts that you may or may not need to know.  I’m gonna tell you anyway.

FACT #1 – I love to eat.

Food is amazing.  Point blank.  Why I decided to go without it for a couple of years in high school is beyond me.  After not having any sort of appetite on Monday and Tuesday, I’m finally feeling better and HUNGRY!  Gimme all the food.


(A dear friend handed me this bag of dinner goodies after a rough week and I cried on her.  Incredibly sweet.)

Interesting side note–> someone asked me if I counted macros the other day (since I LOVE watching IIFYM videos on Youtube).  The answer is NO.  I don’t count calories or macros – haven’t for several years (here’s why).  I eat any and all foods.  I will say that I excel at self-control around food. <-lol. that sounds like an eating disorder but I promise it’s a completely different mindset.  I have no problem saying no to something that I’m not hungry for or doesn’t appeal to me.  Maybe I need to blog more on that subject.  Interested??  Do you struggle with self-control?

FACT #2 – Amazon Prime is $67, TODAY ONLY!!!


If you have been on the fence about joining Amazon Prime, this is your chance!  You can JOIN TODAY FOR ONLY $67!  Prime is normally $99 per year so this is huge savings.  With the sale, it is like paying $5.58 per month!!

For those of you who don’t know, Amazon Prime has A LOT of great features:

  • Free 2-Day Shipping On Millions of Items
  • Unlimited Instant Steaming of Amazon Instant Watch
  • Borrow Kindle Books for Free
  • Unlimited Steaming of Prime Music  <-I use the music feature for my MoveMore workouts – this way I don’t use data when we’re out at the track!
  • Cloud Storage

We’ve been Prime members for a couple of years now and just the free 2-day shipping makes the yearly fee worth it.  We use the “Subscribe & Save”-option every month for home and baby essentials like toilet paper, diapers, wipes, and paper towels (you get 20% off when you have 5 or more items shipped and you can change the shipping frequency at any time).

If you already have Prime, you can gift yourself the $67 deal (when confirming the gift, tell it to start from the day after your membership expires and make sure you turn off auto-renew).  Full disclosure here –> I get $5 for any new accounts opened when you click through this link.  Thanks for supporting my ice cream habit.

FACT #3 – The winner of the Nektar Naturals Giveaway is DANYEL. 

Just sent you an email!  Congrats!!


FACT #4 – I’m still on the fence about Stitch Fix.

So I recently followed the masses and signed up for Stitch Fix.  To be honest, I need help when it comes to my non-workout clothes wardrobe.  I feel like I buy so many separates and never know how to actually turn them into outfits that look put together.  If you don’t already know, Stitch Fix is a clothing subscription company.  You simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle.  You can buy what you like and return the rest!


It’s appealing, yes.  And I LOVED all of the pieces in my “fix”. BUT…I think I’m too frugal for it.  For instance, the pair of skinny jeans they sent were $98.  The dress I’m wearing above was $72.  I just don’t think I could justify spending that much money on clothing, especially when stores like Target or Kohl’s or Marshalls exist.  I’m going to give it a couple more fixes to see if they send something more reasonable.

So yeah…I’m on the fence.  I would never tell you guys to sign up for something that I didn’t fully believe in…and I’m not sure about this one.  I’ll let you know how the next fix goes.

FACT #5 – I’ll always put my husband before my kids.

You need to Colleen’s latest post. I agree with all of them…but especially number one.

FACT #6 – I suck at keeping nail polish on.

Anytime I paint my nails at home, they inevitably get chipped or smudged within the first day.  It’s almost not worth it.  Any tips??  I have a great top coat (Seche Vite) but they still end up looking janky.


FACT #7 – This week has been rough.

Blah.  Between the stomach bug I caught early in the week, Travis’ truck giving us problems (aka it’s decided it no longer wants to run), and a bunch of other business related items that I can’t really discuss, my stress level has been high.  I’m not here to complain…I’m just REALLY looking forward to the weekend.


And with that, I’ll say farewell!  I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful, restful weekend!  Travis’ birthday is Sunday so I’m eager to celebrate him.

See you Monday!

QUESTION:  Tell me one FACT.


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  1. Totally on the fence too about Stitch Fix. But it is SO nice to have help with styling, because I have the same issue where I buy pieces I love, but don’t necessarily make outfits. I’m alllllll about some TJ Maxx! I hope you have a stress-free, relaxing, amazing weekend!

  2. I used StitchFix for a few months and felt the same way. Not only were the clothes expensive, they felt cheap! But you should look into Le Tote (http://www.letote.com/). This is a subscription service where you “borrow” clothes. My friend does it and LOVES it and always has super cute items. I think its $50/month and you can get as many boxes as you want. You can wear the clothes and you don’t have to wash them before sending them back!!!! Less laundry is always a bonus!

  3. I have had a rough week too. But yesterday a friend who lives far away sent me a text and said, “I’m praying for you right now.” Nothing abuot the circumstances changed, but I did feel peace knowing that some how my best friend knew I needed lifting up.

    I have problems wth nails too. That’s why I ended up buying a gel lamp and a gel set from Sally Beauty Supply. I love it.

  4. I absolutely love ur blog. Please discuss more on self control around food. I have no self control. I tend to get the munchies in the afternoon and at nite. I eat when I am bored, sad, mad, stressed, etc. I need some guidance on how to control this. I use to do this when I was younger but now that I am approaching 50, I can’t do this anymore. Any recommendations are welcomed.

  5. Nail tips: Essie! It stays looking nice as long as when I have gel polish done (which isn’t often. Because I can paint my own from a $10 bottle several times…) I actually don’t like top coats because they seem to keep the polish from drying as quickly and are more prone to smudging. That’s just me though. And I always use a base coat.

    My fact: I ate double noodle soup twice yesterday. Because with this bug I have it’s all I wanted.