Well hey!

(Speaking of, Henry learned that “Hay is for horses”-joke that 7-year olds love to tell and I’ve heard it a minimum of 329 times this past week.)

So HAY!!!  And happy Friday!

We’ve got a fun few days coming up.  The plan is to go back to the fair today (we went yesterday).  Henry’s first soccer game is on Saturday and Sunday will hold church and ultimate frisbee.  The forecast looks amazing with highs in the 70’s.  I just love Fall.

Today I wanted to share a few of my latest favorites with you.  I don’t know about you but I find 99% of my favorite things ON BLOGS or from friends sharing on FACEBOOK.  We don’t have cable so I know it’s not from commercials.  If a friend has rave reviews about something, I’m likely to try it out.  Is that true for you??  Anyway, here are some of my latest favorites!




If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll already know this one.  I just got this handheld electric milk frother from Amazon and it’s been a gamechanger.  For only $7 (!!!), you can turn any ho-hum cup of coffee into a latte – all you do is measure out your milk (I’ve been using unsweetened almond milk), foam it with the frother and then pour it into your coffee.  Yesterday, I added some pumpkin pie spice to the almond milk before frothing and it added the perfect hint of Fall to my cup.  I’m hooked!



Anything I can put sriracha on.  Eggs, chili, turkey, salads…the sky’s the limit.  We’ve gone through like 3 bottles in the past month.  (speaking of, you should watch the Sriracha documentary on Netflix…it’s awesome.  I think it’s just called, “Sriracha.”).



We did this workout last Saturday and it was a keeper.  EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute” and is a fun HIIT format to mix in on occasion.  The goal is to push yourself during the prescribed work so that the remainder of the minute can be spent resting.  We finished up with 24 atomic burpees because I made a promise on FB the night before: the final high school football score would equal how many burpees we’d do!  Gotta root for the home team.   Winking smile



Yup.  Small, daily steps.


image1 (12)

Obviously (see above).  I can’t stop.


This post popped up on my Timehop yesterday….one from two years ago.  I was SO sick but knew that I had to keep on chugging.  If you’re going through a rough time, read it!  Share it!



Kiss My Face Light Moisturizing Lotion (Lavender)!  I’ve been in love with this lotion all summer long.  It’s lightweight, not greasy and smells wonderful.  Even though it’s a spray, I still have to rub it in (do people spray it on and not touch it because I think that would look super weird since it’s white. ???).



Lol.  I found this one on my computer the other day and it made me smile.  From a fun run they did back in July.  He LOVED it….her, not so much.

QUESTION:  Link below with one of your Friday Faves!



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  1. I love those frothers! My Mom and i discovered them a while ago and use them to make chai lattes. They’re also great for hot chocolate (frothing melty marshmallows and milk)!

    My Friday fave is currently my breakfast: everything bagel with egg + cheddar. It’s been a serious pregnancy craving as of late!