I’ve got those Friday feels, y’all!  Super pumped about the weekend.  We have a MoveMore Bootcamp and a wedding on the agenda.  I’m also hoping to get some of our closets organized before I transition all the kid’s clothes over to the upcoming Fall season.  <-my least favorite mama chore.  What are your plans for the weekend??

Today I have a fun little post…something I actually wrote back in 2012 (!!!) but I went through and updated it for 2015.  Incredibly fun to look back at life and see just how much has changed.  I tell ya – Life just keeps getting richer and fuller and more complex and wonderful.  I’m blessed to know that no matter what comes, God’s got me.  He’s got me.  To know that you’re held, no matter what, is a great gift when it comes to dealing with fears and troubles and just life in general.  (I hope you all have that sense of comfort….and if not, I’d love to chat with you behind the scenes – my email is lindsayslist@gmail.com).

Anyway…here goes…

My Life In Numbers

33 – the number of years I’ve been alive.

1 – the number of Gods I serve.

1 – the number of husbands I’ve taken.


8 – the number of guitars that came with said husband.

4 – the number of guitars we now have (don’t even ask about the photography equipment that has since replaced said guitars)

10 – the number of years I’ve been married to my sexy guitarist-turned-photographer.

1 – the number of siblings I have.


$120 – the amount of money we budget for weekly grocery expenses (we function off a cash system and love it!  Anyone else love Dave Ramsey??)

14 – the number of afternoon training clients I have right now (my afternoon groups start back August 29th and I’m SO excited).

3 – the number of children I have.

5 – the number of times I’ve been pregnant.

5 – the number of miles I find to be the most enjoyable to run – it’s like my sweet-spot distance.


0 – the number of pets we own.  (Clara is allergic and our pet fish, Mert died a few weeks ago)

0 – the number of pets we WANT to own.  (I’m allergic to cleaning up after them.  Highly allergic.)

1,098 – the number I always choose when I’m writing a post and want an outrageously, outlandish high number.

1,098 – the number of off-brand Goldfish that Porter dropped on the floor yesterday.

70 – the number of squats we did during yesterday’s Trackstar workout.


Pin it!

3 – the number of states that I’ve lived in. (NC, CO, TN)

8 – the number of hours of sleep I get per night.

10 – the number of hours of sleep I need to stay pretty.

1 – the number of “z’s” that you can add to the end of a word to make it cooler.

3 – the number of bags of M&M’s I bought to replace the M&M’s I ate out of this latest bag of trail mix.  Shameful.

3 to 1 – the ratio of M&M to Peanut/Almond/Raisin that I consider acceptable.


4 – the number of car accidents I’ve been in.

4 – the number of car accidents I’ve been in where it was MY fault.

0 – the number of cars I should be allowed to drive.

82 – the number of times I kiss my kids per day.

1,098 – the number of times they deserve a kiss per day.   001


QUESTION:  YOUR TURN.  What is a number in your life??


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  1. 0-the number of days left in my summer break

    22-the number of 3rd graders who will be my “kids” for the year starting Monday

  2. 7 – the number of weeks until our son is due!

    4 – the number of weeks until he’s allowed to safely arrive

    20,000,000 – the number of things I have to do before either of those happen! ;)

  3. Love this!

    9 – The number of hours of sleep I need per night to be not-so-grumpy in the morning! (In reality, I get about 7).

    Also, random question, but did you ever write about your birth stories? I’m obsessed with reading them now that I’m less than a week away from my due date, but I don’t see a search bar on your blog to search for yours (and sorry if that sounds weird, I just figure if you did it three times and have such a positive perspective on motherhood, yours would be a good one to read :))!