a quick birthday recap

I had planned to write this recap for Tuesday…but obviously failed at that.  Life just got in the way (and I kinda love when that happens) and the next thing I knew it was Friday.  Whooops.  I trust you’ll forgive me.



I am officially 33 years old.

Which doesn’t really seem like a young or a an old age.  Just a number I guess.  I think 35 will mean something and 40 will for sure.  Travis had better be planning something epic like a trip to Paris or matching butt tattoos for my fortieth.  I typically write a letter to myself of my birthday but I chose not to do that this year.  I just wasn’t feeling it. Lazy?  Yep.  The general theme of those letters in years past has been, “I love you body and thank you for being awesome.”  Just pretend I wrote that again because I feel the same this year. I love myself.  I’m bolding that sentence because it’s something that hasn’t always been the case and if you don’t feel the same about YOURSELF, you should!  My body does so much for me and I’m grateful that it’s healthy and strong.

My birthday this year was wonderful!  I felt SO loved and SO blessed by all of my friends and family.  All day long I received texts and emails and Facebook messages from people wishing me a happy birthday.  I think I had a permanent grin all day long.  Here’s a quick recap of the day:

My 33rd Birthday

The day started off bright and early with a 5:30am wakeup from Porter (thanks buddy!).  I nursed him and quickly put him back to bed and snagged a couple more hours of sleep.  We HAVE to be awake by 7:30am to make it to Trackstars on time so I laid in bed until the very last second.  When I got up, I was serenaded by the sweetest rendition of “Happy Birthday” I’ve ever heard and given two gift certificates.


I save all their cards like this….the Sunday School papers that they half scribble on?  Not so much.

I can’t wait to cash that massage in. Winking smile

Travis usually goes to work early but he agreed to come to a special Trackstars workout that I had planned, so we corralled everyone and drove to the gym.  Once there, I was greeted by so much birthday love and GIFTS from my clients (a massage, a gift certificate to CTC and a Bolder Band!).  We did the Burpee Ladder workout together and afterwards Katy pulled out some Almond Joy protein balls that she made just for me.  Hoping she’ll give me the recipe so I can share it with you guys.  They were wonderful (and of course, I shared).



After the workout, we came home (to a very loud house – getting a new roof!), I showered, made breakfast and did school with the kids.  A little while later, I put on some makeup and got gussied up for lunch out with Travis.


I’ve been craving sushi lately so T took me to our favorite local place (lol there are only two in the town) and had his mama watch the kids.  We rarely get that one-on-one time sitting across the table from each other.  It was nice.  He still makes me excited after 13 years together.



Seaweed salad – I could eat a gallon.


We ordered 4 rolls – Eel Avocado, Philadelphia, Sweetheart Roll (spicy tuna topped with salmon) and a Scorpion Roll (this one was actually two rolls – one with shrimp tempura, one with eel tempura and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head).  Great lunch, great day date!


Then he agreed to pose for the blog.  Smile

After lunch (which took forever – Sakura is SLOOOOW), we scooped up our kids and went home.  Porter napped while the older two went with Travis to the grocery store.  When they got home, we got to work in the kitchen.  Cute story –> they wanted to make me an Oreo Dirt Cake but they needed help.  So Henry makes up this story about how we needed to make a dessert for “Sam Green’s party” that we were invited to later that day.  Lol.  We don’t know a Sam Green.  I played along though and at the very end when we put the last gummy worm on top, they sang me “Happy Birthday” again.  The mind of a six-year old.





When Porter woke up, we put everyone’s bikes in the van, picked up Katy and Charlie Ruth and drove to Standing Indian Campground for an evening walk.  It was about 10 degrees cooler up there and just so calm and peaceful.




After riding bikes and throwing sticks in the river for about an hour, we headed back home.  After we pulled into the driveway, my friend Kayla drove up the sweetest gift – a devotional and a home manicure kit.  Love that girl.

image1 (7)

It was pretty late so we put the kids to bed almost immediately, took showers then Travis and I crashed on the couch with two big bowls of Oreo mud pie and ice cream.  The perfect ending to a pretty great day!



I’m 33.

I love this life.  I look around and I see blessings.  Abundant blessings that I didn’t do a thing for.  And to that all I can say is, “Thank you, Father!  THANK YOU!!”


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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! That dirt cake has me drooling! :) Just wondering about the MOVE MORE shirts… Can I order them anytime or do you only take orders every once & a while? Not sure the types of styles but I’m interested!