Happy Hump Day to ya!

I’m so glad you guys liked that little fridge tour.  And I’m also glad that some of you are “real life” enough to be ok with my Diet Pepsi consumption.  We all have our vices and that’s mine.  (I also like to eat chocolate at breakfast, rarely floss and have chin hairs that I pluck so 20 more will grow back in their places.  Boom!)

So I thought I’d do another “Day In The Life” post.  Always a fun look into what really goes on around here.  Here’s a look at my Monday, August 24th.

A Day In The Life {8/24}

7:20am – Porter decides to sleep in (he’s my alarm clock).  Scoop him up and nurse quickly as I yell at the other two to get ready.  I ask three questions every morning – 1) Have you peed on the potty?  2) Have you made your bed?  3)  Do you have socks on?  We rush out the door.

8am – Trackstars!  We do this workout:



9:15am – Arrive back home.  Nurse Porter and put him down for his morning nap then take a shower.

9:45am – Get H & C started on their schoolwork while eating breakfast (a protein pancake…I need to switch things up and try something different but I never do).  Henry brings me his finished worship song (he’s been working on it for a couple of days).  I smile.


10-12pm – More schoolwork.  We never really took a summer break but this week I tightened the reigns a bit.  Henry is learning early multiplication and cursive.  Clara is still focusing on reading (learning hard vowels).


12pm – Run errands –> Bank, take recycling, GNC, Sally Beauty & Walmart.

2pm – Arrive back home & eat a late lunch.


2:30pm – Put Clara and Porter down for their afternoon naps.  Clara is 5 years old now but still takes a solid 2-hour nap.  We both need that break during the day. Winking smile

3pm – Make myself a cup of coffee and sit down to study my Group Personal Training coursework (continuing ed).  Henry sits beside me and works on his math reasoning workbook.  Eat about 10 handfuls of Reese’s Peanut Butter chips (annnnd maybe another cup of coffee).


5pm – Clara and Porter wake up as Travis walks through the door.  Long naps!!

5:45pm – Travis and I work on the basement gym for a bit.  I paint a door while he hangs a mirror.

6:20pm – PRE-WORKOUT = banana + Justin’s!


6:45pm – Pack everyone up and drive to the rec park.

7pmMoveMore Hill Workout!  Great group of (coincidentally) all couples.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset


8:30pm – Arrive back home and everyone takes baths/showers.  Put the kids to bed.

9pm – Dinner/post-workout = Big bowl of cereal with casein protein powder.  Watch two episodes of Scrubs.  009

10pm – BED!


QUESTION:  What’s the ONE THING that you do every single day without fail??  <-make a protein pancake.  I need new HIGH PROTEIN breakfast suggestions! 


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  1. I’m sure you’ve posted it before but would love to know your protein pancake recipe! Yours always look so yummy! Thanks :)

  2. I love these posts! I am always so curious what people do on a day to day basis! What’s one thing I do every morning without fail? If it’s a week day, I usually run around the house looking for something I forgot to throw in my bag/try to juggle a smoothie, bottle of water and a coffee as I’m running out the door…typically, while my husband gives me the stink eye from the car (because we’re running late). I think it’s his way of flirting with me!

  3. Thanks for sharing your day, I love these posts! Is that all you eat in a day with two workouts? I have also been on a protein pancake kick. I love the Kodak power mix with peaches and coconut butter. Greek yogurt with fruit is in the rotation too.

  4. Every morning I have my devotion/prayer time before a bowl of oats, chia, almond milk & fruit, then walk my puppy. If she thinks I’m taking too long, she reminds me ;) This routine will probably get switched around when Baby arrives, though!

  5. I have loads of coffee. It is my favorite even in the summer heat.

    I’m so jealous of Clara’s naps btw….Brooke (almost 3) has totally given them up! :( sad for me haha

  6. I make overnight oats with milk, whole milk yogurt, oats (of course), fruit and top with PB. I have no idea the protein calculation, but it sounds like a lot :)

  7. Would love to know that you did for your MoveMore hill workout.

    Typically how long are your group workouts, 30, 45, 60 minutes??

    I have 4 egg whites, with sausage (or whatever type of meat I have in the fridge cooked), broccoli slaw or cabbage (sautéed with the meat) pretty much every morning, never gets old! OR
    I also like to mix 4 egg whites with 1/4 cup oats, let sit for a couple minutes then cook like a pancake in skillet, top with powdered peanut butter and a little bit of polaner jelly. Could easily be topped with protein powder, but I cant find one that doesn’t bother my stomach.

      1. I have tried plant fusion quite some time ago, maybe I need to try it again

        It never fails about an hour after eating the protein powder I have had (TMI, sorry) it has happened with all of them that I have tried, some worse than others.
        Anyone have any other suggestions I’m all ears!!