Someone out there needs to read this today and act on something.  I’m not sure of the WHO or the WHAT but I know I’m supposed to encourage you today.  I’m called to it actually and I’m not one to run from a calling.  So listen….

Hey You!


You can change jobs.

You can move to a new city.

You can exercise 5 days out of 7.

You can eat healthy foods.

You can break your sugar addiction.

You can stop smoking.

You can reclaim your marriage.

You can stop having that affair.

You can say you’re sorry.

You can clean the house.

You can train your six year old to clean the house.

You can do 20 boy push-ups in a row.

You can discipline your whiney toddler.

You can say no more often.

You can say yes more often.

You can get your GED.

You can learn to sew.

You can pass that hard test you’ve been studying for.

You can become that woman, that man, who you aspire to be.



WE can do hard things.  It is in the “doing” and the “trying” and the “failing” and then the “trying again” that we refine ourselves.  We burn away all those excuses.  All those personality flaws that hold us back from success.  Stop being your own worst enemy.  Rise up, try, succeed or fail.  Even if success doesn’t look exactly how we envisioned it would, those hard journey steps are well worth our time.  Those hard steps make us better humans and we need better humans.

You CAN.

You totally, totally CAN.



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  2. Never commented, but love your blog- and I definitely needed this today! Just moved last week (from Dallas to NC actually), and this was such an encouragement!!! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Wow. I hadn’t read your blog in a while when I saw your comment on Tina’s moving post and thought “I should see what she’s been up to”. That brought me to this, which I needed.
    Seriously tearing up at work.