I just sat down with the 10 minutes or so that I have to myself to type something up for you guys.

Four minutes later…..Blank.


Naturally, I look in my “Drafts” on the WordPress Dashboard.  Maybe there’s something in there that I can finish up.

There are 162 drafts.



162 times I have sat down, started typing and for some reason or another, never finished that particular post.  Top three contenders:  kids, brain farts and brownies baking.  Sometimes all three at once.

I laugh and do the, “What can ya do”-shoulder hunch thing ….which you’re now envisioning.  You just did it, didn’t you?  Did you make this face?  I always do.


Anyway, I have a zillion drafts (162=a zillion) and seeing that huge number made me think about blogging.  I’ve been doing this for four years (??) – yeah, I think four years now.  While I’ve gone through seasons of feast and famine, kids and brain farts, Lindsay’s List marches on and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.  I’ve often been asked WHY I started LL so I thought I’d share today.  Maybe it’ll inspire you to start your own!


To share.

I love sharing our lives.  I love reading about other people’s lives too.  I mean – think about how popular celebrity magazines are.  Even those pictures of them taking their dry cleaning in – I gobble that stuff up.  I like people watching and I’m not alone.  Blogging is similar.  You can “people watch” in your Hello Kitty pjs from the comfort of your kitchen table.

To connect.

Contrary to popular belief, I am an introvert.  I like people (I love them actually) but I’m content with the few, intense friendships that I have.  I guess quality over quantity.  Blogging gives me the chance to connect with others in a way that I would have never thought was “for me.”  The connections that I’ve made and the friendships (true and real and deep) with fellow bloggers and readers has been invaluable.

ToPost BlendFridayDinner031A

One of the reasons Blend was founded….to CONNECT.

To document.

I also like having this outlet as a means of documentation.  I can look back at any given time and see pictures of my kids and how they’ve grown.  I can read posts about what was going on at that time.  I don’t always have the best memory so having an online diary helps.

To make a buck.

Yep.  I make a little money from this blog.  As my blog grows so do the opportunities.  While I do have sponsored posts or reviews or giveaways, I definitely don’t see those as making up a lot of my blog.  I try to pick and choose opportunities that fit our lifestyle and I’m always honest about the company/product.  I’d write Lindsay’s List even if money weren’t involved (and it wasn’t for a year or so haha).

To inspire.

Lastly, I aspire to inspire.  Smile  I want to leave a written trail of inspiration, whether that be through my fitness endeavors, my faith, my family or whatever else.  I try my hardest to “preach without words” in my daily life and with as few words as I can here on the blog.  Maybe I wrote a post on my past struggles with food that helped someone else.  Maybe I talked about God one day and that was a little seed planted.  Who knows.  It’s always my intent for you to leave LL in a better mood than when you first came.  To nod along with my words and know that you spent the last 3 minutes doing something worthwhile.

Those are the reasons I blog.  As always, thanks for reading.  I’m blessed by you.


QUESTION:  Do you blog?  If so, WHY??  Why do you read Lindsay’s List??  What are you favorite blogs to read?


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  1. I’m so glad you blog! And grateful for the connections blogging has given me. Also, I haven’t made a dime since I started blogging (on an earlier site) since 2008… Am I doing something wrong?! lol…Might be time to at least be a little bit more intentional even though the financial part is so supplementary. Ads on the page, etc – for some reason that stresses me out thinking of adding things! Any suggestions?

    1. Yes! you need some ads! I work with Google AdSense and Glam Network. I also made it a rule a while ago to never work for free (my time is valuable). Any reviews or giveaways are paid.

  2. This is a great post! I can totally relate to some of these reasons. I, too, have always been a quality over quantity kind of girl when it comes to relationships, but I love the way the blogging outlet allows me to connect with others in a different way! The main reason I started my blog is to inspire others and invite them into my journey towards healthy living. I have really only started “seriously” blogging the past few months, but I am so excited to see where it takes me!

  3. This post is just what I needed this morning. I started my blog last year, but after a major life event, finishing my nursing degree while working three jobs, and now STARTING a new job it kind of fell off the way side. This week is the first week I have felt the desire to blog again and now I don’t know where to start the second time through! So thank you for this simple reminder on why even a successful blogger, like you, has struggles but does it because you love it!