Friday, Friday.  Gotta get down on Friday… Smile

Lately I’ve been…

…licking my plate clean at every meal.  (No, I’m not pregnant.)  Just uber hungry.  I’ve added in two extra workouts a week so I’m going with it.  Gotta eat to grow!


…hanging out at the pool with my friends.  We text each other to see who’s going to be there…then sit together and gab and snack and play with our babies.  It’s the best.


…in need of an interior designer.  Our front room (our whole house) needs some major help!  Anyone out there have a fourth cousin who works for HGTV or TLC and wants to pass along my name for one of those makeover shows?!??

…making homemade ice cream!  Ever since we got Travis that ice cream machine for Father’s Day, we can’t stop churning out the good stuff.  Naturally, I experimented with a healthier almond milk-based version.  And naturally, It just wasn’t the same.  Boo.  Heavy cream is where it’s at.  If you’ve got a favorite ice cream maker recipe, link it below!


…loving evening workouts.  Even though I’ll always prefer morning sessions, during the summer months I’ve added a few evening workouts for my MoveMore/Trackstar groups.  The evening groups are a good mix of boys and girls and I feel like the energy is higher.  Plus Travis usually comes so that makes it all the better.


…beautifying ma-self.  I got my hair colored for the second time ever (the first was in high school and it turned Bozo The Clown-Red).  I love how it turned out – very warm with flecks of light brown.  If you’re local, you really should call Suzy Pippio.  She’s been cutting my hair for years now.


…experimenting with pre-workout supplements.  Two in particular – Scivation Xtend and DailyBurn’s PRE (look for a review on PRE next week).  I like them BOTH actually but I’m still playing around with the timing, etc.  Since I’m still nursing, I have to be careful with the amount of caffeine I consume too (Xtend has none & PRE has a little).  Do you take a pre-workout??


…upgrading our bed situation!  We snagged a great deal on a king-size mattress so we decided to upgrade.  I hadn’t really thought about it until I had to pay for all the items – upgrading to a new size is EXPENSIVE!  You have to buy the bed, the mattress, the box springs, the sheets, the mattress pad and if you have a duvet, the duvet cover.  Eeek.  The new bedframe should arrive today so I’ll have pictures next post.

That’s all I got today!  I hope you all have a magnificent holiday weekend.  Be safe and eat lots of yummy food.

QUESTION:  What have YOU been doing/loving/eating/seeing lately??


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  1. I’m such a lover of these types of posts. Ramblings are my absolute favorite. If you end up finding a good recipe for ‘alternative’ ice cream (i.e. no dairy) please share! Being that dairy and I aren’t the best of friends…I’d love to justify getting an ice cream maker for my BF and I, but it would be sad to just use it for him!

  2. I just upgraded my bed from a queen to a king too… SO pricey! But I found some awesome deals on bedding at Macy’s so that helped :)

  3. Love these type of posts! By the way, can’t wait to hear what you think about the BCAAs. I have mixed feelings about them. Do you think they help you perform better/gain strength? And I’m curious what you think about what type of workouts they work best with.