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First off, thanks for all the supportive comments on yesterday’s postSmile  I’m sometimes hesitant to share on topics that can be controversial or seen as me being judgmental in some way.  That’s never my heart – to judge or preach.  My heart is for encouragement and for living a purposeful, intentional life.

Today I thought it’d be fun to do a “What I Ate Wednesday” post since I rarely talk our meals here on the blog.  Plus, I wanted to share a simple, healthy egg salad recipe that I’ve been making (using Eggland’s Best eggs).  Maybe you need another quick lunch or dinner recipe in your arsenal.  I know I’m always ears when it comes to new (easy) meal ideas.

Here’s everything we ate on MONDAY!


After an 8am Trackstars session, I was starving!!  (Actually the entire day Sunday and Monday, my appetite was abnormally high.  I just go with it – some days I don’t feel like eating much and others I’m a bottomless pit; it all evens out in the wash.)  After a quick shower, I poured cereal for the kids and made myself a big protein pancake.  This one had one scoop of Gnarly’s Vicious Vanilla whey, two Eggland’s Best eggs**, raspberries and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.  Topped with powdered peanut butter and maple syrup.


Mid-morning Snack

Around 11am, my belly started growling.  I dug into our “bar box” (yes, we have a box full of nutrition bars) and pulled out a cookies and cream Quest bar.



Since it was so gorgeous, we decided a picnic lunch on the porch was in order.  Everyone changed into their bathing suits and I started putting together a snack plate.  (Do you remember my obsession with snack plates two years ago?!?!  Well I’m bringing them back –> they’re just too easy and fun for little fingers.)  Side story –>I got the plastic pool out to fill up and saw a huge crack running down the middle.  Wah wah.  I improvised with the water hose and a plastic storage tote.  Winking smile #mompoints



I had a Bootcamp to coach at 7pm so I knew we’d want to eat early and on the lighter side.  I whipped up a batch of my healthy egg salad and paired it with a spinach salad and summer fruit.  A lot of egg salads are full of mayo but I’ve found that I can substitute HUMMUS and it still turns out creamy and delicious.  Here’s the recipe:

Healthy Egg Salad

  • 1 large can white chicken breast (or about 2 cups of pulled rotisserie chicken)
  • 8 large Eggland’s Best eggs, boiled and peeled**
  • 1/2 container Tribe “Everything” hummus
  • 2 tsp. light mayo
  • Chopped celery, grapes, pecans – optional

Boil and peel the eggs.  Place in a large bowl and smash with a fork until hardboiled eggs are broken up into small pieces.  Combine with remaining ingredients.  Serve over lettuce or in a pita!


**Quick fact –> Did you know that one Eggland’s Best egg has four times as much Vitamin D as ordinary eggs?!? Each EB egg contains 120 IU (international units) of Vitamin D, compared to just 28 IU in an ordinary egg. Your body must have Vitamin D to absorb calcium which promotes bone growth. Vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer,prostate cancer, heart disease, depression and weight gain (source). Since our bodies don’t naturally produce Vitamin D, it’s important to consume foods that are rich in the vitamin, such as salmon, milk and eggs.



Bedtime Snack

Bootcamp went GREAT!  I had 12 people in all and they worked really hard.  I got back home and (again) was starving so I made myself a bowl of cereal.  Into the bowl went a mix of Grape Nut Flakes, French Toast Crunch and unsweetened almond milk.  We ate while watching Vikings and then hit the sack!


QUESTION:  What’s the best thing you ATE yesterday??  Vitamin D –> Do you think you get enough? 


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Eggland’s Best.

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