If you make it through these rambles, you win gold prize.  I’m not even sure there’ll be a picture.

I’m sitting here on Thursday night, eating the remnants of a freezer burnt Wendy’s Frosty that I found in the back of the fridge.  There’s like three bites left and I’m cursing the person who stuck it back there because, seriously?!?  Three bites?!?  Come ON!!  (All the while knowing in my gut that it was totally ME who tucked it away.)  I’m sure a kid probably couldn’t finish it one day so I scooped it up and froze it for later that night.  Food tastes 85% better when eaten late at night and 99% better when eaten after the kids are in bed.  It’s scientific fact so you can’t dispute it.  The poor Frosty has probably been in there for a good three months – it tastes that way any how but I’m taking one for the team….cleaning out the freezer if you will.

We just got back from a day trip to Asheville.  Katy and I took our four kids outlet mall shopping.  Horrible idea.  Just horrible.  My neck is killing me and I’m dehydrated.  I haven’t a clue as to what I actually purchased.  Towards the end, we just started throwing things up at the cash register hoping something would stick.  I spent some money, I know that.  What is it about shopping that just takes it out of you?!?!  I’ll never understand.  I know I walked away with some headbands for Clara.  I bought four total; she’s wearing two of them on top of each other as I type.  So at least something made it into the car.

I love spending time with Katy though.  I love getting to tell Porter and Charlie Ruth’s birth stories to strangers.  Even if they don’t ask, we tell.  Someone should put us on the nightly news.  Katy just feels like home to me.  We were born four years apart but she still feels like she’s on my level, ya know?!  The cool level.  I share more memories with her than any other person – sisters tend to do that.

We were laughing today…what was it about???  Oh YEAH.  I was talking about how the lifeguards at our local pool really should wear matching swimsuits with like a “lifeguard cross” on them because they don’t and I never know who is a lifeguard and who isn’t.  Just makes sense that they should.  (owner of the pool, if you’re reading, can you please address this?)  Anyway, that led to us talking about pool snacks (ALWAYS food…always) and how when we were little, Mama would take us to the pool and let us buy those like fruit-shaped plastic containers filled with sugar.  Do you remember those?  They came in like grape and strawberry and banana (the worst) and the sugar was flavored with whatever the plastic container told it to be flavored as.  They had green tops.  Let me find a picture – the one picture of this post.

fruit Yes those!!  Remember!!!

I would gobble down that sugar so fast.  Like three day’s worth of sugar right there.

Good times.

Did you know that kids these days will have completely different memories than the ones I have and they won’t even know what those plastic fruit things are.  They’ll have their own sugar storage device that they’ll reminisce about.  Totally random memory –> those Reebok shoes that you pumped up the tongue to.  They had a basketball-dome on the tongue and you squeezed it to pump up the soles with air.  Oh man, those were some sweet shoes.  Do they make those anymore?!?  They totally should.  I’d buy some.

Time is so weird.

Seems like yesterday I had a Pocket Rocker and drank New York Seltzer and was a child of the 80’s.  Again, good times.

Porter just started hollering from his crib.  And I’m back to the 2010’s (is that what we call them?  I don’t know.  Twenty tens?) and I’m a mom and I gotta stop typing and start cooking dinner.

And by cooking, I mean pouring cereal bowls.

Happy Friday.  Thanks for reading. Winking smile

QUESTION:  Favorite toy/memory/thing from your childhood??


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  1. For some reason, I don’t know why, every so often my next door neighbors parents gave him a cardboard refrigerator box to play with. We would roll around in his huge backyard in this box and when we were got tired we would just sit in it and chat. Tons of fun :)

  2. In a related by of randomness… Clearly Canadian is making a comeback. And all the 80s kids say…. YESSSSS!

  3. Pretty much my favorite post ever. Random rambles are the best part of friendship, and reading your post made me laugh like I was sitting with you, attacking that freeze-dried frosty with the same shopping-brain-melt fury as you. ❤️

  4. When I was little, my sister and I loved that gooey, gel-like sugar substance that came in a tube. You squeezed it out and licked it off the top. I think they were called Squeeze Pops, maybe? Sometimes my parents would buy only 1 and her and I shared it! Disgusting! My favorite flavor was green apple. I also remember saving my money several times to buy Koosh balls! Fun times!! :)