You either LOVE it or hate it.  I’m not sure there is an in between.

I LOVE it!!

Sriracha (pronounced “SEE-RA-CHA”…..don’t say “SRI-RA-CHA”; you’ll sound like an idiot.  Been there…) is a spicy condiment made of chiles, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic.  I mostly put it on eggs but also bring it out as a salad or taco topper whenever we have those.  Travis mixes it with ranch and makes this dip that’s to die for.  We’re big sriracha fans around here.

When Blue Diamond sent me a few canisters of their newest sriracha flavored almonds, I squealed a little.  Receiving these spicy almonds inspired me to do some searching on the world wide web for allllllll things sriracha.  Some serious, some funny…all pretty cool.

Top 10 Best Sriracha Items

1.  Sriracha Key Chain


I NEEEEED this.  In fact, I just went to Amazon and bought itBoom.  Perfect for all your fine dining sriracha needs (or when you’re stranded on the side of the road and desperately need sriracha or else you’ll die).

2.  Sriracha Kettle Chips



I actually had these kettle chips at the Bolder Boulder expo. Very tasty!

3.  Sriracha Sea Salt


Gourmet salt?!  We actually don’t use a lot of salt on our food but I think this would be perfect on chicken and meat or in recipes that need a extra kick.

4.  Sriracha Coffee Mug


No words needed.  Just please don’t put sriracha in your coffee.

5.  Sriracha Candy Canes


I’m not sure if I love sriracha THIS much.  But maybe….

6.  Sriracha Ketchup


Oh heck yes!!  I’d eat this up!  I’m envisioning hamburgers and hotdogs!!!! YUM! (and p.s. I flippin’ love grilling season. You get great food with minimal cleanup and it doesn’t heat the house up. Love it.)

7.  Sriracha Popcornsrirachapopcorn

Did you know that Travis doesn’t like popcorn?  Weird, right?!  Says it’s a texture thing.  It’s fine –> Clara and I eat his share.

8.  Sriracha Lip Balm


Hmmmm…..not sure about this.  my kisses are spicy enough.

9.  Sriracha Meat Rub


I just ordered this one too.  Whoops.  Did I mention I love grilling season?!

10.  Sriracha Almonds


Lastly, the Blue Diamond almonds had to make the Top 10 list!  We cracked those babies open and dug in. They’re not too spicy but have that great POW that sriracha brings.  They’ve been making a regular appearance on our snack plate lunches too.



(^^Try this!!^^)

If you see them at your local store, they’re a must buy!  Many thanks, BD!


QUESTION:  SRIRACHA.  Love it or hate it?  Any other fun sriracha-related items I need to know about??


This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond.  All opinions are my own.

  1. Alyssa McQ says:

    Love sriracha– have you seen Rogue’s sriracha hot stout beer? I don’t know if I’d like it, but it’s definitely one of the crazier sriracha flavored products I’ve seen.

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