Happy Thursday, friends!  I hope you’re having a stellar day.

In all honesty, we haven’t had the best week so far.  Henry has a horrible stomach bug (that has taken it’s sweet time to progress) and he’s just now on the mend.  Seriously.  The poor guy was sick for like three days.  It’s also been cold and rainy here in Boulder (atypical) so we’ve spent A LOT of time laying around this teeny-tiny condo (750 sq. ft) and cleaning up vomit.  No fun.  Please pray that everyone else in the family stays healthy!  Not exactly how you want to spend your vacation.

Moving on….

I love surveys and saw this particular one on Courtney’s blog yesterday.  I thought it’d be a fun Thursday share.  Enjoy!

Lately I’ve been….

Making:  good on my promise to exercise intuitively while on vacation.  More on that to come.

Cooking:  dark chocolate Ghirardelli brownies.  Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Drinking:  coffee and lots of it.  Cold and rainy + sick kid = me turning to the liquid gold.  We have some Marley coffee from Blend that I’ve been enjoying.


Reading:  lots of Blend Retreat blog recaps.  Always fun to hear how everyone liked the weekend.

Wanting:  to hit up Lululemon while we’re here.  The closest store when I’m home is Asheville.  I have my eye on a few things. Winking smile


^Loving the cutouts on these capris.^


Looking:  forward to going home.  Not that I’m ready to leave Colorado right this second, but I can speak for our entire family when I say that we miss Franklin (our jobs, our friends, our family, our church) so much.  I think that’s a true blessing – loving your normal, everyday life that you miss it.

Playing:  Battleship with my boy, multiple times a day.  Best game.


Wasting:  hmmm…I try not to waste anything.  Seriously – it’s gross the things I’ll reuse.

Wishing:  for warmer, drier weather.  The past two weeks, Boulder has seen more rain than ever.  Lots of flooding.

Waiting:  to hear back from a venue about Blend 2016!  Yes, we’ve already picked a location.  No, I can’t spill the beans just yetSmile

Liking:  all this access to Whole Foods, Sprouts and Alfalfa markets!  I love that I can pop into a store and find fresh, healthy foods so easily.


Wondering:  where all the missing socks go.

Loving:  the fact that Travis has been with us for the last two weeks and we still have another 9 days together.  Not only does it help to have an extra set of hands (obviously) but he’s just my very best friend; no one else I’d rather spend three weeks solid with.


Hoping:  to take a poll dancing class tonight with Maddy.  I’m giddy/terrified/excited all in one.

Enjoying: group texts with Lauren and Janetha. We’ve never been closer and I love it.

Needing:  this beard bib for Travis.  What a neat (needed) invention.

Wearing:  sweaters, pants, double socks.  It’s seriously so cold right now.

Following:  all the #Blend2015 pictures.

Thinking:  I need to purchase Piyo!  My good friend, Tiffany lent me her copy for this trip and I’m loving them so far.  Low impact but works up a good sweat (plus I feel all bendy afterwards).


Feeling:  excited to run the Bolder Boulder 10k next Monday!  Yep.  I’m going today to sign up (and run my two “qualifier” miles on the Bolder Boulder store treadmill – since I haven’t run in an organized race in the last year, I have to prove my pace).  Bolder Boulder is the “all-time best” 10k race and I’ve heard all about it for years.  Since we’ll be here for Memorial Day, I figured why not.  Any locals running??

Bookmarking:  this Buzzfeed video on the easiest way to make ice cream.  Gotta try this.

Opening:  up these Enlightened beans from the swag bag.  SOOOOO good! 021

QUESTION:  Your turn!  Pick a few “lately I’ve been’s” and leave them below!


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  1. Have fun running the Boulder Boulder Monday. I love that race so much. I was visiting Colorado years ago, saw they had a race that Monday and signed up to do it. It was a blast. So the following years I visited (love Colorado, so went every year) I always ran that race. Hands down my favorite! Wish I was there.

  2. Sure hope Hengry starts to feel better and better every day. Definitely no fun being sick while on vacation. I’m so excited to hear more about Blend 2016 – which I know I HAVE to make happen next year – no excuses! Better start saving my money now (and when I get bonuses at work!).