one year ago today {happy birthday porter!}

Lindsay In Labor At Hospital Imitating Sleep

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor During Labor

Laboring On Bosu Ball

2 Days Overdue in Hospital

Music While In Labor

Sisters In Labor Together

Baby Right After Being Born

Nursing For The First Time

Newborn Being Weighed 8 Pounds 10 Ounces

Newborn With Dimples

Funny Newborn Sticking Tongue Out

Funny Newborn Hearing Test

Beautiful Newborn Baby

High Key Newborn Photo Natural Light

Newborn Baby Looking At Mom

Newborn Baby Feet In Mom's Hand

Mom Day After Giving Birth

Family Meets Newborn Brother

Child Counting Newborn Baby's Toes

Children Holding Newborn Baby Brother

Nan holding Newborn Baby

Both GrandMothers With Newborn Baby

Brother Holding Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby Hat

Newborn Baby In Carseat Ready to Go Home

After 24 hours of labor, Porter Killian Wright was born at 1:17am on Monday, April 14th.  Weighing a whopping 8 pounds, 10 ounces and being 20 inches long, he was by far my largest baby!  He shares a birthday with his first cousin, Charlie Ruth.  

Porter is a JOY!!  From the very moment he left my womb, he has been the perfect addition to our little family.  He’s a cuddler and I LOVE that.  He thoroughly enjoys his big brother and sister, taking every moment to try and be involved in whatever they’re doing.  He can say “da-da” and “nay nay” (his word for when he wants to nurse) and we’re working on “ma ma.”  He’ll eat ANYTHING (edible or non) but especially loves raisins and apples.

Porter was the answer to so much prayer.  He is my beauty for ashes.

Happy birthday, big boy!


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  1. Happy Birthday Porter! What a fun collection of pictures! It’s my husband and I’s anniversary today too! Pretty special day!