Long time, no talk, huh?!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know this but the reason I haven’t blogged in a week is because I caught the black plague and almost died.


Ok not really but I did catch this NASTY (nastynasty) stomach bug last Saturday night that knocked me down for 5 whole days.  Yes FIVE WHOLE DAYS.  (And yes, I took two pregnancy tests – and no, I’m not pregnant).  A quick recap if you will.

  • Saturday, March 28th – Pretty normal day (Trackstars, baby shower, the last showing of Aristocats).  During the show I kept burping oddly.  Shoulda been a warning.
  • Sunday, March 29th – 2am – it HITS!  I spend all of Sunday either in the bathroom or lying in bed.  Not kidding – Travis quarantined me to the bedroom and I didn’t come out.
  • Monday, March 30th – Still SO sick.  No food or drink for 30 hours.  Travis takes off from work to stay home with the kids.
  • Tuesday, March 31st – The vomiting has ceased but still so nauseous.  Travis goes back to work but my MIL helps out some.  I’m found in bed or on the couch and my milk supply is GONE.  I think I ate some scrambled eggs this day.
  • Wednesday, April 1st – Appetite starting to peek back through.  I also manage to get all three kids into the car, go to the coffee shop, get the deposits and go to the bank.  Then straight back home. 
  • Thursday, April 2nd – Slightly nauseous but I can eat and drink most anything.  No foods appealing.  I coach my afternoon groups with success.

Reading back over all that I notice a few things.

1.  I’m a whiney complainy-pants when I’m sick (and all the time).  I can’t remember how many times I complained to Travis that I just felt horrible.  He should have whacked me in the head but he’s much too sweet.

2.  Speaking of Travis.  Holy macaroni!!  That guy is the best.  He managed all three kids for two straight days and kept up with all of my chores too.  The kids hadn’t a clue that anything was strange or weird – they just got to spend two amazing days with their daddy.  The one thing the man can’t do is wipe down countertops but I’m letting that slide. Winking smile

3.  My milk supply.  It very nearly died off.  I lost 8 pounds in four days and I’m sure all of it water.  You kinda need water to make milk.  I just kept putting Porter on to nurse at his regular times and supplemented with a lot of solids.  He’s almost a year old (April 14th) so he can easily wean but I don’t WANT him to (and more importantly HE isn’t ready yet).  And I’m happy to say that yesterday and today I finally felt my letdowns again.


4.  I feel like I missed so many things while I had my head in the toilet.  Clara is learning to read.  I missed out on meeting with my groups on four separate occasions.  And I missed liking food.  That last one seems stupid but it really isn’t to me.  Do you remember how sick I was during all of Porter’s pregnancy?  Every single day up until I had him.  The funny thing is that I’d kind of blocked all of that out.  Being sick this week brought up a whole lot of emotions around pregnancy that I’m not sure I want to deal with right now.  So I’ll leave that topic for another day and time.


Anyhow, I’m feeling much better today.  I finally have an appetite and my energy level is growing.  I’m planning on taking it easy for a few more days – I simply cannot go as fast or do as much as I normally do.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  We’re off tomorrow on a fun family adventure – check back in on Monday to see what it is!  Winking smile

QUESTION:  When was the last time you had a stomach bug??


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  1. I’m so sorry, friend! Ugh…so rough. I haven’t had something like that in years – a 24 hour head cold/flu symptoms but nothing longer and I can’t imagine how bad it was if you lost 8 LBS! Wowza. So glad you’re on the mend and that you have Travis! Hope you have a fun weekend adventure and happy Easter! He is (almost) risen!

  2. Had the stomach bug 2 weeks ago & oh my… I feel for you!! It was brutal. I feel like my baby bump went from 7 months to 4 months! Finally back to eating normal! Glad you’re getting better!