Happy Friday, friends!

It’s currently Thursday night.  We just finished dinner (a mish mosh of leftovers – every person had something odd and different on their plate) and I’ve just finished cleaning everything up.  The kids are watching a Power Puff Girls before bed and Travis is about to leave for a super late worship team practice.  What better time to blog, right?!  I’m EXHAUSTED from today.  Katy and I took the kids to Asheville to do some shopping for the coffee shop (we buy a lot of stuff from Sam’s – A LOT of stuff) and to hit up Target for some weekend outfits.  Travis’ sister is getting married so I wanted a few fresh pieces for each of the kids (e`1ztnding up buying WAY too much – but that’s just synonymous with Target).  What is it about shopping that makes me so TIRED!??!  We only went to like three places.  I’m old.

I haven’t done a “Loving Lately” post in a while so I thought I’d share some of the things that are making me smile.  Smiling’s my favorite.

Loving Lately

  • New Froyo flavors

004I recently updated a few of our froyo flavors at the coffee shop and they may very well be my favorites!  COCONUT and EURO TART!!!  They just scream Spring to me.  The coconut has real pieces of shredded coconut mixed in and the Euro Tart makes the perfect base for a plethora of toppings (my favorites are cookie dough pieces, fruit and crushed Butterfinger).

  • MyProtein Impact Whey


I was recently sent some of this MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder to try out.  I get a lot of review items like this in the mail and I don’t always share everything we receive.  This protein powder is worth sharing!  Minimal ingredients and the taste is PHENOMENAL (I got cinnamon roll).  Plus, the macro breakdown is pretty perfect for post-workout refueling (I also add it to my nightly cereal bowl to keep me full through the night).  Two thumbs up!


  • Planning Porter’s Birthday Party

012This fella turns ONE YEAR OLD next week!!!  I seriously can’t believe it!  If you remember, my sister and I had our babies on the exact same day (!!!) so her daughter will also be celebrating next week.  We’re having a joint birthday party (we just have too!) and planning out the event has been fun.  Katy’s going to make a divided cake – one side for Porter and one side for Charlie Ruth.


  • New workout gear


I’ve been winning several workout items on Ebay.  Side note –> Travis thinks it’s hilarious that I call it “winning” when I’m really “losing” money, but whatever.  Makes me feel super happy when I scoop something up.  In the last two weeks, I was the highest bidder on two pairs of Lululemon pants and a Handful bra.  Aka the winner.

  • Blend 2015 & Ticket Sales

Blend 2015 is fast approaching and for the first time in the 4 years since we started, we’re about to sell out!!  We have only TWO tickets left!!  God just keeps blessing this venture – I can’t wait to see where He takes it!  If you want to hang out with some really cool people for a weekend in one of the prettiest places, go snag up a ticket!



I finally found a lip balm that I like!!  Burt’s Bees stuff has always been near and dear to my heart – they’re based here in NC – but I hadn’t tried their Lip Shimmer lip balm until recently.  The balm smells like peppermint and provides just a hint of color.  I have the Fig color but want to try more!


QUESTION:  What are YOU loving lately???


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  1. If smiling is your favorite, I guess I know where Porter gets it! He is the happiest baby!!

  2. Coconut chunks in froyo….That sounds AMAZING! Lately I have been loving my new Lululemon shorts that are designed for women with “athletic thighs”…Freaking finally…They fit strong beautiful legs and cover your butt. LOL! I have been wearing them daily and so glad I found them. I bought 3 on the spot. :)