be an encourager.

Woot woot for Friday!!!  I’m seriously pumped!  Aside from celebrating Porter and Charlie Ruth’s first birthday party tomorrow, we have absolutely NOTHING on the agenda.  I’m hoping to get in some quality time with my running shoes and the couch.

After reading through some negative comments on social media yesterday (why?!?!), I couldn’t help but address something.  One of my life mentors, Cathy Makinson uses the word, “ENCOURAGE” on a regular basis and I’ve always LOVED that word (and her).  I personally strive to be an encourager – it kind of goes hand in hand with my training job, as well as a home educator and mama.  Speaking & showing praise can go a long way and I want to be someone who lifts others up!

Today I’m sharing a few (easy) tips for anyone who wants to work on their encouraging game.  If you have any additional tips, leave them in the comments.  <-I encourage you to do that. Winking smile


How Can We Encourage One Another??

When an encouraging thought comes to mind, speak it!  Tell the person right then and there.  Your words might be the very thing they need to hear at that moment.

Leave a note with praise in your child’s lunchbox or on your husband’s dashboard.

When you see someone hurting or discouraged, stop and pray with them.

HUG!  Pat someone on the back.  Physical touch is often helpful (but sometimes not preferred so don’t be creepy Winking smile).

When you see someone hurting or discouraged, ask them, “Would it be helpful if I …..?”  Then HELP.

Be present!  The simple act of presence can often be more impactful than encouraging words, notes or gifts.

Celebrate both big and small victories!  Take a friend out for coffee to celebrate her promotion or make a big deal out of the fact that your 4-year old can now say her “L’s.” 

Speak with conviction AND humbleness.  Don’t let your “encouraging words” sound like “I know better than you”-words.

Praise someone in public….and in private.  Both are meaningful in different ways.

Keep the cycle going!  Tell people how they’ve encouraged you!!  I promise it’ll make their day!


QUESTION:  What are some other ways we can encourage one another??


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  1. When one of my friends needs me, I find that giving them a BIG hug…being present for them…and just listening to them talk it out. I consider myself a really good listener, so I encourage them to just LET IT OUT…ALL OF IT…even if it does involve crying or screaming or lots of boogers. Great tips and enjoy your weekend…I have no plans except for a long run and I am loving that plan!

  2. I’ve put so much more thought into this entire concept of “being an encouragement to others” in the past year or so. I don’t think I was ever bad at it or something, but I’ve made it an actual priority now, a purposeful act rather than just by happenstance. I think this is list is awesome. One idea I would add is kind of like your ‘be present’ one – sometimes giving a friend or family member a phone call, like really talking to someone rather than texting, can make their day, and it’s a fun way to talk to them about what’s going on in their life. I did this with an aunt who I love dearly but just don’t chat with on the phone too often, and I just could tell she *needed* it – she vented about some struggles she’s having, I offered her support, and I knew that after we chatted she felt encouraged. What a blessing to us both!

  3. Girrrrllll, I think you are pretty great, and I look forward to reading your blog each morning with my cup of coffee! Reading your posts about what you were doing exercise-wise after you had porter helped motivate me to plan ahead and figure out what I wanted to do once I had my little guy (last summer) and I’m back into running, with one half marathon long completed months ago and two more to do next month! So, thank you for your “virtual” encouragement!