that time i found ice cream in the microwave

….and not on purpose like my father-in-law sometimes does.

This past week, I just could NOT find my phone.  I looked everywhere.

The couch cushions,

under my bed,

in the laundry hamper,

in the WASHING MACHINE (!?!)

No dice.

It was in silent mode so the rings could not, would not be heard.

After an hour (!!) of searching on and off, I started some crazy talk.  “Maybe I can live without it.  I probably should go technology free for a while.  It’d be so good for me.  I should urge others to join me in this brave challenge.  Let me post this to Facebook.  Wait.  Where’s my phone?!?”

So I looked in the fridge,

in the freezer,

in the junk drawer.

Then the microwave.

Because why not.

Instead of finding my phone, I found a half gallon of melted ice cream.  The worst part is that I had no recollection of actually putting the ice cream in the microwave.  What tha what?!!?


I laughed.  Then snapped a picture.  It’s all I could do in that moment.**

The lost phone and the melted ice cream are all just physical symptoms of a problem that I’m having lately. I have too much going on.  I’m frazzled.  I have twenty thousand jobs, three young kids and a bearded husband who all demand my time.  Spread thin would be an understatement.

I share all of this not to get a “poor little you.”  I’ve done this to myself.  I share because maybe, just maybe, you’ve found ice cream in YOUR microwave and you need to relate to someone else.  Let’s be frazzled buddies for a quick second and then let’s scrape some of this fat off our plates and rest a bit.  Yes.  Lets.

QUESTION:  What’s one thing you could let go of right now?


**Edited to add:  A reader asked how I snapped the picture with a lost phone.  LOL.  Good question.  Play by play – I found the ice cream, laughed…and then let it sit there for another 5 minutes while I got Porter up from his nap.  The phone?  Laying in his crib! :)  When I walked back into the kitchen and remembered the ice cream, I took the picture.  Seriously losing my mind.

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  1. I definitely have too much going on and usually find myself feeling frazzled but more in a way that I’m eating all the sweets without the self control that I usually have…without the “I know this makes me feel terrible so I’m only going to have a bite or pass on it this time”…I’m having a hard time focusing…my list could probably go on as well. I need to figure out what I can let go of or maybe more important, what I need to ask for HELP on…delegate…y’know that thing that I’m terrible at because it means release control. Yeah, that. ;)

  2. You just added some joy into my life by making me laugh. :) a lot of people would be super annoyed upon that discovery but you, you have a sense of humor! We all need to take up your kind of attitude a little more in this serious world.

  3. This is a terrific reminder to let things go – not take on the world…honestly this sounds stupid but I need to forget trying to paint every room, decorate every room in our new home – just live in boringness for awhile – because really who cares what it looks like :)