Hello Monday.  And hello YOU!

How was your weekend?  Do anything FUN?

Ours was pretty low key with most of the usuals – Trackstars, pancakes, lots of time outside, church on Sunday – all great except when I sat down to write my typical “On the Weekends, We”-post, I didn’t have any pictures to show you.  Well three.  I had three pictures.

I kinda love that I forgot.

Sometimes it’s nice to just BE PRESENT in those moments instead of hitting pause, running into the other room to get your phone, running back and then saying, “Ok, can you do that great thing again?”  It’s not special anymore.  (Someone seriously needs to invent those blinky-eye-camera things that I talked about before.)  My people deserve much more of my time.

Anyway, I’m in the mood to share some truths with you this fine morning.  Share a couple of YOURS in the comments so that we can both feel better, mmkay?!

Monday’s Confessions

I confess that I alone have eaten an entire pan of brownies since last Wednesday.

I confess that I loved every bite.  Chocolate just makes me so happy.  (I also confess that I found dark chocolate around my mouth MANY times last week and just licked it off instead of using a napkin.)

I confess that Porter is thinning out a bit and it makes me sad.  I love a rolly-polly baby.

I confess that looking at March’s upcoming schedule makes my head spin.


I confess that I need to take something off my plate.  I know what it needs to be but I just haven’t made up my mind to step away.

I confess that I actually just added one more thing to my schedule.  A SPARTAN RACE!!  Very excited.  More info to come

I confess that Travis’ manbun has me like whoa.


I confess that I spent a good 20 minutes just examining my face yesterday.  Tweezing hairs, picking at my skin, making funny faces to see what they look like to other people.

I confess that I need to stop making some of these funny faces or I’ll lose friends.

I confess that I actually don’t have friends.

I confess that I’m ecstatic that I can fit into some of my older workout pants, even though I wrote this post on Friday.  Not really from a vanity point but more from a, “now I don’t have to buy new pants”-point.  Because I need a minivan.

I confess that I’m ready for Spring.  Like OH SO READY.  We’re never coming back inside once it’s nice.


I confess that I think I broke my hand a month ago (doing a box jump) and that I never got an xray or went to the doctor.  It still hurts and I need to have it examined.  :/

I confess that I’m counting down the days until Blend Retreat and our extended vacation.  <-btw, we still have a couple of tickets left!  Come play with us in Colorado!

I confess that I’m currently writing this post on Sunday so these are technically Sunday’s confessions.  Tricked ya.

That’s all I got for today.  Errr..yesterday.

QUESTION:  Finish the sentence.  I confess……


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  1. I confess that I agreed to go on a date with someone this past Friday, but was pretty glad that it didn’t happen and instead enjoyed wine with my friends; then went back to my apartment and had more wine, while I cooked myself a nice dinner and snuggled up on the couch to watch my DVR’s. I went to bed happy and with no regrets. I know I shouldn’t have said yes to the date, but if I really wanted to go I would have really made it happen. :) I like chocolate too!

  2. I confess that I love the man bun too! Travis does a great one. Mikey’s is coming along, and I LOVE it when he wears it in a little ponytail… He tried it out for the first time this weekend and I think is getting more confident. ;) So cute!

  3. Spartan race?? Do tell! I’m doing a GoRuck challenge (the 12 hour one) in September and can’t wait.

    Travis’ man bun is on point. Been seeing too many bad man buns lately, but this gives me hope.

    I confess…that I’m eating my words after going gluten free and seeing so much improvement (digestion, skin, everything), because I spent aaaages insisting that benefits from a gluten-free diet were simply a placebo-effect in non-celiac folks.

  4. That I totally accomplished seemingly nothing this weekend and I had/have a TON of stuff I have to do. Do feel like I am making up for it though as I have been way productive today! A also confess that I seriously want to start a blog but have a huge fear of not keeping up with it as I also have entirely too many things going on that I really should try to focus on (even though I don’t want to ;) ) Love your confessions! Thanks for showing the “real” side to your life. Sure helps me remember that we all struggle with real life and that I’m not the only one who can spend 20 min picking at my face or looking in the mirror to try to see just what others may see!!

  5. Gah! right there with you with the brownies, which i sprinkled with dark chocolate m&m’s right before baking. I don’t feel one bit bad about it either. so much chocolate, so much happy.