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It’s been a while since I’ve posted any answers to those “Ask Me Anything” questions that you all posed a month or so ago (part I is here).  I’m back today with a special vlog that took forever to tape and like 2 seconds to edit, answering a handful of questions.  I’d love to find the time to create more video content (especially exercise videos).  If you like watching vlogs or want special workout/exercise videos, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to create some content.

Without further ado….listen to me ramble. Smile

Question #1:  What is your favorite type of workout?  What is your current workout? {1:05}

Question #2:  What is your favorite color?  {4:41}

Question #3:  How do you like your coffee?  {5:15}

Question #4:  How many times a week do you have sex?  {5:51}

Question #5:  Where would you take a dream vacation?  {6:30}

Question #6:  Do you think there’s a connection between your faith & eating disorder recovery?  {7:51}

QUESTION:  YOUR turn.  Answer one of the questions above!


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  1. Loved your vlog! I love the honesty and openness. I would be curious to hear more about how you began to reconnect with God- have you done a post on that already? As someone who is struggling to recommit and connect, your faith is very interesting to me! This may sound odd, but you have such a lovely, comforting voice! Hope to see more of these in the future!!

  2. I love seeing your smiling face and hearing your voice. I regret not getting to know you better when we lived in the same state/time zone/city (depending, haha) because we probably could’ve talked for hours.

    Question #6, YES. Have we ever talked in detail about this?

    I was in a psych hospital for 2 years battling anorexia. My faith is the ONLY reason I overcame my eating disorder and am absolutely walking in freedom now. Your answer and explanation absolutely resonated with me!! Additionally, perhaps because of the time I spent in secular counseling and treatment, I witnessed a HUGE difference in the way the world tried to overcome addictions and the way God helps us to overcome them. The first HUGE key was FORGIVENESS. One of the major issues in my past which contributed to my eating disorder was abuse (sexual and emotional). In the secular counseling world, I was told, “You’re abusing your body because you’re angry at yourself for allowing yourself to be abused (or participate in the abuse). Be angry and stop internalizing. Here’s a hammer. Go hit a tree.” The result for me was I became a very bitter and angry person, and I destroyed a lot of my relationships during that time. It was awful, and ultimately didn’t result in healing or recovery at ALL. It just made me hate myself more. When I finally received good Christian counseling, they told me, “Yes you are angry,” but they took it a step further and invited me to tap into God’s grace to FORGIVE those who had hurt me, forgive myself, and yes, EVEN forgive GOD. I had to realize I was angry with Him, too. (And no, He doesn’t NEED my forgiveness, but I needed to forgive Him, because some part of me was angry with Him for allowing me to experience the things I’d experienced.

    The second huge key was something you touched on. Learning to believe TRUTH instead of giving in to lies. I believed SOOOOO many lies… lies about myself, lies about others, lies about the world, and lies about God. The thing is, our world offers NO standard by which to measure truth. PRAISE THE LORD He’s given us His WORD as a measuring rod of TRUTH by which we can compare our thoughts!! I needed someone to show me, black and white, ink on paper, that what I was believing was NOT true. For every lie I was believing, there was a TRUTH in scripture to counteract that. It was in the renewing of my mind that the lies slowly became replaced by the truth. I still have these silly index cards I with scriptures proclaiming the exact truths I need to read on a daily basis to keep my mind saturated in God’s truth.

    That being said, I don’t know how people WITHOUT faith can ever recover fully from any kind of addiction. Without faith, there is no hope!! But WITH GOD, I believe ANYONE has hope to overcome ANYTHING. Gah. You got me all fired up.

    Blah blah blah. That was a WAY longer response than you probably wanted on that. You just happened to touch on my passion. :)