Tuesday, tuesday, tuesday.

I’m happy to see you simply because it means Monday is over.  Yesterday I don’t think I sat down until we got home from rehearsal at 9pm.  The day was PACKED.  Today is only slightly better – I have a corporate bootcamp, meeting with a CPA to go over tax stuff for the coffee shop, MoveMore groups this afternoon and then another meeting. Yowza.  Three two cups of coffee today.

I have a GREAT workout to share today!  I programmed this one for my Trackstars group but I just had to share because I really like it.  This 1,000 rep workout hits every muscle, takes about 30-45 minutes to complete and can be done in a large or small space.  Oh!  And no equipment required!  All you need is your body (and the ability to count to 25).

1,000 rep workout
1,000 Rep Workout via @lindsays_list


For video demos of the exercises, click the name: 

Mountain Climbers

Jump Squats



Curtsy Lunges




Hip Bridges

Plank Shoulder Taps


  • Find a partner!  This workout tests your endurance both mentally and physically.  If possible, find a partner who can push you and stick together.
  • Spread out!  If you have the space, turn this into a MOVING circuit.  Since we work out at a basketball court, I divided it into fifths (baseline, foul line, half court, foul line, baseline) and we traveled.  Example: 25 reps of mountain climbers at baseline, jog to the foul line, 25 jump squats, jog to half court, 25 push-ups ….and so on.  It’s much easier MENTALLY to do 1,000 reps if you’re moving around.
  • Modify, modify, modify.  Pending injuries and skill level, almost anyone can do this workout – you just need to modify the movements if they’re too hard.  For example, a mountain climber can be done standing up.  Right arm goes up vertically while the left knee drives up, then alternate.  Take the jump out of the jump squat.  For the burpee, take out the jump or step back the feet instead of jumping out into plank.  A curtsy lunge is more difficult than a standard stationary lunge.  If you need to modify movements, DO IT!  Just move.
  • Have fun.  Fitness is fun.  You can do this!  Plus, studies have shown that smiling burns 9,000 calories a minute* so by smiling you’ll be skinny in no time!

I hope you’ll give this one a try (“pin” it for later)!  It’s one of my favorites!

QUESTION:  What’s your favorite BODYWEIGHT exercise??


*Not true.  Smiling actually gives you wrinkles. 

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