Well HEY!  How was your weekend????

Ours was pretty wonderful!  Some things we did (as you’ll see below):  trip to Asheville for Katie’s “50 States In A Year” event at Blue Ridge Crossfit (we did “Daniel” and my shoulders and biceps are SPENT today), shopping at SAM’s club for the coffee shop (we get our cups and some other things there), two walks, some frisbee, covered dish at church (the theme was “beans” which I found hilarious for some reason…I brought chicken), pancakes, chili, a Phineas & Ferb movie and some other stuff I can’t remember.

It’s currently Sunday evening and I wanted to take a second and update the blog before things get crazy.  Blend 2015 ticket sales open in about an hour so Travis and I (mostly Travis) have been making sure that everything is ready to go live.  Travis codes all of the website sales – I don’t know what I’d do without him.   I can’t believe that this will be our FOURTH time sitting on our couch, anxiously anticipating the opening of ticket sales.  It’s surreal and funny and amazing that this is something on my resume – something that’s a pretty big part of me.  God just keeps blessing it.  I’m grateful.

Anyway, here’s everything I had on my phone (which isn’t much – too busy living I guess).  <-which total side note: I am not one of those people who keeps pictures on my phone.  I import them and then delete them.  I have friends who don’t have memory space to take even one more picture.  I am not that girl.  OCD.
















QUESTION:  Any highlights from your weekend??


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  1. We had a great weekend– my husband and I got to catch up with some old college friends at the baptism of their first child (he’s the godfather) and then on Sunday we went to mass, followed by a baby shower for some grad school friends before he headed off early on Monday for a job interview.

  2. We had a fun (and packed!) weekend here too!! :) We took a class at our church to become members, so that was pretty cool. I also got in a couple of good workouts and got to spend lots of time with friends! Definitely a good time!