Rambles.  Full steam ahead.


This picture makes me smile for some reason so I’m sticking it in here.

1)  I do have a couple of announcements that I need to get out of my head before I forget.  Blend 2015 tickets (and lodging) go on sale THIS Sunday, the 18th, at 8pm EST.  Due to the size of Chautauqua Park and it’s facilities, we will have to cap the event at 100 people.  It WILL sell out.  If you’re on the fence about coming, please just do it!  The past three years have been spectacular but there’s something about Boulder that makes me KNOW that this year will be special.  Plus Quest is our Official sponsor so you’ll come home with more swag than you know what to do with.  Go HERE to register!

2)  I’m SO excited about tomorrow!  Travis, Porter and I will be heading over to Asheville early early to go support Katie Arnold at one of her “50 States In A Year” events!  Katie and her friend Samantha are traveling around the country in an RV, holding charity fundraiser workouts at various Crossfit boxes.  Tomorrow, they’ll be in Fletcher, NC (which is a little over an hour away from me) so I knew we had to meet up!  I met Katie four years ago at the first Blend and we’ve been great friends ever since!  If you’re local and want to join us, shoot me an email and I’ll give you the details!

3)  You know something about healthy eating?  It’s actually pretty tasty.  The vibrant colors, the crunch of a good salad, the way it makes you feel on the inside.  All great things.  But you know what else?  I miss brownies.  My soul does.  I made black bean brownies this past weekend and they just didn’t cut it.  Anyone who tells you that Arctic Zero tastes JUST like ice cream or black bean brownies taste JUST like the regular ones…they cannot be trusted and probably haven’t tasted real, normal people food in a long time.  Nothing will ever substitute for Ghiradelli.  Sorry.


Good.  But no ice cream.

4)  All that being said, I DO like the feeling of having all of my pre-pregnancy clothes fitting again.  I’m down 4 pounds since Christmas simply by cutting back on my sweets (more importantly, my body fat percentage is down).  I had an epiphany the other day – I’m finding that the more and more distance I put between myself and my eating disordered past, the more OK I am with weighing myself.  It doesn’t give me nearly as much anxiety.  I don’t find myself falling back into disordered patterns and I am approaching these topics with a less jaded view (ex: I used to NEVER step on the scale because I was afraid that I’d fall back into that daily pattern).  I think I had let myself be defined as “recovering” and I’m finding that I’m more “recoverED.”  One can only play the victim for so long.  Maybe that doesn’t make sense but it does to me and I feel powerful.

5)  I fed Porter a pouch of baby food while he was IN the bath yesterday.  No mess.  In my mind – “two birds, one stone.”

6)  Now he’s going to associate bathing with eating and be screwed up for life.

7)  Henry lost his first tooth this week.  It was a crazy adventure.  I thought for sure it would come out like two weeks ago but that tooth hung on for dear life.  It finally got to the point where it hurt him while eating one day.  Travis warned me not to make a big (painful) ordeal out of the whole thing so I let Henry do his thing and wiggle wiggle wiggle.  My friend and client, Kayla (who teaches Kindergarten) talked Henry into letting her pull it (she’s pulled A LOT of teeth).  He agreed (!!) and the whole thing took less than a second.


8)  I spent the better part of yesterday fidgeting with the heat (sorry Travis).  I just COULD NOT get warm.  Where’s Spring?

9)  As soon as we get through all of our seasonal flavors (peppermint & snickerdoodle), we’re switching over to CAKE BATTER at the shop.  This excites me.  Something new.

10)  I don’t have a 10th thing.  Oh wait, I do!!  A praise report actually.  After about 15 months of paying two mortgages, we finally signed a contract to rent our house in Chattanooga.  We’ve been praying (and praying and praying) about this for quite some time and God came through.  No more double mortgage payments.  No more extra utilities.  I can finally get a MINIVAN.  Extremely excited.

Happy, happy weekend, friends!!



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  1. OH black bean brownies. They aren’t regular brownies at all, but they are yummy. Learn from my mistake though and don’t overeat them. Consequences…

    Hmm- I wonder if my parents did that feeding in the tub thing? My ultimate decadent treat is to sit in a bubble bath with a good book, a glass of champagne, and good chocolates.

  2. First of all, that’s such great news about your old house!! Praise God!
    And secondly, cake batter anything is amazing. I think this was because of something you posted actually, but I just ordered my first jar of Nikki’s coconut butter (in cake batter) from Amazon and it’s out of this world good.

  3. Beautiful, isn’t that always so true that God comes through for us, he has recently been rescuing me from insecurity issues and worry, anxiety, and fear. I have been having pain recently and asked for prayer in women’s group as well as my husband and I have been praying and I’ve seen a doctor and the whole bit. I’m not completely out of pain but I do feel better and God is working through the prayer I believe that. I believe in a loving healing God. Have a great day and you better bet i’m going to be by my computer at registration time tommorow!

  4. Love all of these fings! Also, I didn’t know that Snickerdoodle froyo was a ‘fing’ and now I’m so intrigued!

    My thing is that I’ve been trying to kick a chest cold/awful cough and haven’t worked out in 2 weeks. I’m finally starting to feel a little more like myself and hoping to get a good sweat sesh in this weekend!

  5. 100% related to the not playing victim anymore– totally agree. I need to stop considering myself in “recovery” and just distance myself – I’m RECOVERED. Things like weight don’t affect me anymore unless my mind tells me they do. Amen.