This is probably the millionth resolution-type post that you’ve read this week but I need to write it out so I’m more apt to stick to some of the diet cleanup that I’m doing over here.  If this isn’t your thing, skip it and come back tomorrow.  Judging by the billion dollar weight loss and diet pill industry, I’m guessing that there’s at least a few of you out there who will read any post with the word “diet” in the title.  I get that.  I kept US Weekly in business for many years solely based on the cover pictures of celebrities claiming to have lost a few pounds on some miraculous diet.  I get it.

Let me first say that I’m not “going on a diet.”  That’s not for me.  It might be for you and I applaud you (maybe) but the minute I say that certain foods are off limits, the more and more I can’t stop obsessing over them.  For me, diets lead to very destructive behaviors.  I’m also not counting calories or tracking my foods.  After years of disordered eating, I just can’t.  I just WON’T.

But….Travis and I were kinda starting to turn into Sugar Zombies.  (you don’t want to be one of those, I assure you.)

After the holidays and with the start of the blank-page-new-year feel, we needed to start eating more vegetables without side effects.  Or any vegetables.  I’ll tell you – my biggest craving has always been SUGAR.  I’ve been known to go the entire day only nibbling on a pan of brownies ….only to see that the pan is gone two days later and I haven’t shared a single one.  While a brownie diet sounds fabulous (right?!?), it doesn’t make me FEEL good.  So this past Saturday, Travis and I cleaned out our fridge and pantry and got rid of all the desserts.  Nothing too strict – I still have my cereal and my graham crackers – but all the desserts were TOSSED.  It felt good.


I always make a BIG salad at the start of the week!  Add lean proteins (crockpot chicken or tuna fish) + healthy fats (I love avocados).

Today is Day 4 of my Cleaned-up Diet (combined with a few Advocare supplements) and I must say that I feel wonderful.  I have ENERGY again!!  We’ve been getting in the bed about an hour earlier than normal (more sleep always helps.  Always.).  We’ve eaten a salad every day (sometimes twice a day).  My normal afternoon coffee and Oreo ball has been replaced with Spark and a banana with almond butter.  Travis is actually doing the 24 Day Advocare Challenge so I know that our lives won’t include desserts for at least the next few weeks.  After a straight month of living in a sugar coma, I’m more than ok with that. Smile

Here’s what’s important about all of this:  I’m doing everything moderately.  Yes I suppose throwing out sugary treats might have been extreme but I know that I’m less likely to reach for those things if they’re not in the house.  There was no grand sweeping “No SUGAR whatsoever/No CARBS after 6pm”-sort of declarations.  I can’t stick to stuff like that.  And I’m guessing many of you can’t either.


Slow improvements. 

No quick fixes. 


Those are all things that I can get behind as a adult who needs to eat a little better.  I used to do crazy (CRAY-ZY!) stuff in the past to lose weight or “detox” and I’m just so over that.  Anyway, I hope that if you’re in the same boat, you’ll give yourself a little GRACE and take it all one day at a time.  By this time next year, if you’re a little lighter, a little stronger, a little healther, then that’s a step in the right direction!

QUESTION:  Have you cleaned up your diet this week?  Do you practice moderation or are you an “all or nothing”-type of person?

P.S.  I’ve been asked to write a post on the SUPPLEMENTS I take so look for that in the coming days.  Any other posts that you’d like to see?


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  1. amen, i’ve never been able to follow a diet plan ever, it just makes me want foods even more!! But focusing on eating enough good foods like veggies has always make me feel good and thus enjoy eating better naturally! But yeah sugar is like my second husband.

  2. No detox…No cleanses…No juicing…it just isn’t me. Well maybe if I got paid a heck of a lot of money, because it would help pay the bills…LOL All joke aside, I do what you do. I just start fresh. Clean things up. Focus on sleep (which is seriously so important). Lots of exercise and fresh air. Stay away from the junk. We all have slip ups. The holidays are the holidays. They are over and we just keep moving forward. Right? XOXO

  3. Yes to Balance!! I don’t like to make a “bad foods” list either – it just makes me want them! Sugar has also been my biggest/most common craving, so now and then I have to pull back and refocus on more veggies, proteins, fruits to crowd out all the sugars.

  4. Way to go (Travis for doing the whole 24 day deal and you for making changes to your daily routine)!! Did you read my latest post (last night)? It’s all about #moderation365 via Jill Coleman ( and I LOVE the moderation mindset. I recently decided I’m never doing a “diet” or cleanse or a 30 or 21 day challenge again. Every time I start one I think, “Why am I doing this?” Even something like the recent 5 day thing I did…Just not for me anymore. I’m loving moderation and eating Oreos if they REALLY seem good and I want 1 or 2 – but not a ton of them and only if I really want them. I feel like I’m in such a great spot with my eating in moderation and I’m so thankful for that! Glad to see you’re moving and living in the same vein. Enjoy that afternoon Spark (love that stuff; I really should order some from you!) and banana + AB! :) Love ya Linds!

  5. There’s been way too much sugar in my diet lately. Doesn’t matter if it was a cleaner version or not, the chocolate led to me wanting more chocolate, which often led to me wanting other kinds of treats or foods that don’t make me feel good. I am doing the 24DC and started yesterday. It’s too soon to tell I think but it at least feels good for me to have a good reason to NOT eat it, despite it sitting in front of me. (Literally, Sam was eating her delicious paleo cookie dough yesterday) lol

  6. I’m definitely an all or nothing type person…which can be detrimental to me. I love seeing you clean up your diet in such a “responsible” way. As a fellow disordered eater, I hate the word diet and hate to see people cut things out totally and partake in odd food behaviors.

    I’d love to see how you prepare healthy meals for the whole family. Do you all eat the same things? Do you do different foods for the kids (I sure couldn’t!)? etc.

  7. I can’t do all or nothing – I beat myself up too much mentally…instead I like to eat clean as much as I can and when I splurge and feel like poo afterwards :) remind myself this is WHY I eat clean most of the time! Interested too learn about supplements from your point of view :) I’d love to see more on fitness as a mom – fitting it in, good body image for your kids, not talking about losing weight in front of them…etc.