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I used to laugh as my mother would slather her skin in Oil of Olay cream every night.  Why would you want to put greasy stuff all over your face?!?  But as I get older, I KNOW that I should invest in quality skincare products (and I should remember to actually use them).  My laugh lines are becoming more prominent (I have a pretty great time laughing with this family of mine so it’s a GOOD thing) and I’m seeing some discoloration and age spots.  Not cool.  Your face is the first thing most people see and I want to keep mine looking pretty good, without the expense of botox and laser treatments (although ask me 10 years from now and I might be all over that stuff).  I’ve actually been using Rodan & Fields for a few months now and can see a difference for sure (a post for a different day).

Today, I’ve got a post on the best skincare products for the ETHICAL buyer.  If you’re going to be investing in your skin, you should be probably know where all the ingredients come from.  Whether they’re safe.  Whether they’re not only good for YOU but for the planet as well.  It is a positive sign of the times that the market for ethically sourced skincare products has grown exponentially in recent years.  As consumers become globally aware and wish to support fair trade practices, avoid animal cruelty and use organic ingredients on their skin, companies have taken note and risen to buyer’s demands.

Let’s take a look at some of the best skincare products for the ethical buyer.

1.  Murad Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel

The powerful anti-inflammatory power behind Murad’s blemish treatment gel is strong enough to combat the worst blemishes while still being gentle on the skin.  Murad has committed to sourcing only ingredients that are not tested on animals and they do not test their own products on animals.  They have also consistently given back to animal rescue groups and military organizations.



2.  Dr. Hauschka Tinted Day Cream

The mineral pigments in Dr. Hauschka’s tinted day cream provide a natural, beautiful glow that is good for your skin.  Dr. Hauschka has a long standing commitment to sustainable practices, supporting fair trade initiatives and conserving resources at every step of the manufacturing process.

3.  Odylique Aloe Vera Body Wash

For a fabulous all over body wash that is ideal for the whole family, Odylique’s aloe body wash is perfect!  The vegan formula is packaged in a fully recyclable bottle and is completely free of sulphates. Odylique is a family run company that never tests on animals, supports fair trade practices and works hard to ensure their packaging is easily recyclable.



4.  Akamuti Shea Butter

Akamuti’s fair trade Shea butter is like a miracle cream for a wide range of skin ailments.  Not only does it treat dry skin, but it is also beneficial for eczema, and combating the signs of aging.  Akamuti sources its Shea butter from specialized co-ops in Ghana.  The partnership between Akamuti and the co-operatives are mutually beneficial, providing employment opportunities and fair working conditions in Ghana while also sourcing organic Shea butter to pass on to consumers.

Every consumer has a different idea about what they deem to be ethical. Luckily, many companies have covered all their bases by producing skincare products that are good for people, animals and the environment. Any of the above listed skincare products will leave your skin looking beautiful and your conscience feeling clear.

QUESTION:  What do YOU use on your face/skin as far as products go??


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  1. I really want to try the Yes To brand for my kids because their skin is so dry. I am terrible at putting lotion on my body, but know I need to start and feel much better when I do. I use Nerium for my face and my complexion and lines just keeps getting better and younger looking!

  2. I go back and forth between Origins and plain ol’ Curel lotion. I have very dry skin so Curel tends to work the best in regards to that. But, Origins is amazing and my skin doesn’t look as dull when I use their face creams, masks, and cleansers.