It’s you.

And me.

I never really intended to take off so much time from the blog but …it happens.  I’m totally ok with it.  I would sit down to write something like a list of my favorite posts for the year or a new workout (I really have SO many to share) but every time I sat down, I came up with a thousand other more enjoyable things that I wanted to do.  Like eat a cookie or “play sweep” with Clara (she got a little broom and dustpan for Christmas and she’s just SO excited about cleaning these days.).  Such is life.  Good thing blogging isn’t my job.

Speaking of jobs, I’ve got a lot of them.  They’re all different and stressful and awesome.  My Trackstars and MoveMore groups are flourishing.  During the holidays, I combined the two groups and we’ve all been meeting as one big happy family in the mornings.  My MoveMore groups (which meet in the afternoon) are 90% comprised of teachers so while they haven’t loved getting up during their holiday break, they enjoy having the rest of the day to be off with family.  Programming for 18-25 or so people is fun and challenging at the same time.  I don’t train in a traditional gym that might have 15 sets of dumbbells or 50 resistance bands.  I don’t have access to multiple pieces of equipment.  We’ve been doing a lot of bodyweight workouts and circuits.  Even within those parameters I can still keep them guessing as to what we’ll do each day.  I love the challenge.


I’m also elbow deep in planning Blend 2015.  We’re waiting on one signature and then I’ll be able to tell you who the Official Sponsor is (you’re gonna flip!!).  This retreat is shaping up to be something really special.  We changed the schedule just a bit and we’re going to have a YOGA sponsor this year (versus two bootcamps like years past).  We’re also looking for a dessert sponsor for Friday night – if you have company connections and want to send them my way, please do!  We give referral credits!

The coffee/yogurt shop.  Doing well.  I can’t believe its only been two months since we first opened – it feels like I’ve been doing this for forever!  We’re still getting some of the kinks out and strategizing as to what the next weekly/monthly/yearly step will be but the whole endeavor is running much smoother than say a month ago.  I’m thankful for that.  The part I enjoy the most is figuring out how to save and make the most money.  Which 12oz coffee cup is the cheapest but will still hold up under high heat?  Which toppings should we get rid of/hold on to?  What times of day do we get our highest traffic?  I just love that part.


We ended up picking the 4th one.  We have two custom blends – made JUST for us (a house & a dark roast).  They’re fantastic!

How many jobs is that?  Three.  And that’s not counting the new corporate bootcamp I’m starting next Tuesday.  Or blogging here at LL.  Or my role as a mama.  Or a homeschooling teacher.  Or a wife.  Those last three are and will always be the most important jobs.  I’m not listing jobs on here to brag about myself or my skills.  I just wanted to type it all out so I can actually see what I’m doing with my time.  Is it MY time??  I’m not sure some days. Winking smile

Christmas 2014 came and went in the blink of an eye.  This wear was certainly different than any other, due to my papaw’s illness and death.  I just tried to soak up each and every moment of excitement with these kids – seeing the holiday through their eyes is like no other.  They just make it FUN.


So yeah, my papaw passed away (and I’m so thankful for all of the sweet comments and prayers my family and I have received!).  We had his funeral on Sunday.  I tell you what – funerals and all the pieces involved are just downright strange.  Perhaps you’re not familiar so I’ll divulge – we had a receiving line before the actual funeral.  For two hours, my family stood and shook hands and hugged people who knew my papaw or our family.  Let me speak candidly and I hope you won’t be offended because I truly am appreciative to everyone who came out on Sunday…TRULY!  Sometimes there would be a long line (because some of these older ladies like to talk reaaaaally slow) and you’d be stuck with someone you already hugged but didn’t really know right in front of you for a little longer than was comfortable.  Awkward.  Receiving lines are just awkward.  They are.  I want to do away with them.  Other than those two hours of standing and hugging and smiling (when all I really wanted to do was cry), the funeral was perfect (can a funeral be that?!?!  Sure.  Maybe.).  My papaw was a veteran so he received a military funeral thanks to the local VFW and American Legion.  If you’ve never been to a military funeral, they’re something to behold.  The folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin.  The playing of Taps by a bugler.  The gun salute.  I cried.  It was pretty special.


Clara asked why we were all dressed like ninjas….

The end of the year.  I’m SO ready to return to normal life.  Normal foods.  Normal schedule.  Our routine.  I love the holidays but I’m more than ready to start a fresh new year.  I think 2015 is going to be a good year of settling in to these new roles and then taking the time to burn off all the chaff and waste that doesn’t help our family.  I think its going to be an awesome one!

I’m ready.

QUESTION:  What’s new with you??  How was your Christmas?  What did I miss?


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  1. You sure do have a lot on your plate, my friend! It’s a good thing you’re amazing! I’ll be praying for you as you continue to juggle everything. So sorry again about your Papaw. I’m glad it ended up being a nice funeral. He sounds like he was one incredible man. Hugs!

  2. i feel ya friend. Praying for you and family. WIll be thinking of dessert sponsor… hmmm…. what about halo top? or bliss coconut? or nadamoo ice cream? or wink desserts?