Happy Monday!

And almost Merry Christmas!  I know I say this every year but I fully believe it this year – Christmas snuck right up on us.  Like tiptoed through the house and poked me on the right shoulder and I look over my right shoulder but Christmas is on the left.  That trickster.  Between my papaw’s sickness (he’s got a few days – please pray), the coffee shop and last week’s Christmas show (yes, we did a Christmas show…I can’t say no), the 25th is way closer than I’d care to admit.  The end of the year is way closer too.  Anyway, I saw Ashley’s post last week and remembered its been forever since I’ve done a “Currently” post so here goes….

Currently:  I’m currently sitting in my pajamas at the kitchen table, sipping an almost-too-cold cup of coffee (My third of the day) and eating a new 4% milkfat Chobani yogurt!  Have you tried these yet?  I mixed in some homemade strawberry jam and crushed flaxseed.  SO good.


Current Inspiration:  My mama.  She’s been a trooper over the last few weeks with my papaw’s illness.  She’s either been by his side or with my mamaw (who has dementia) and get this…she calls me every day to see how I’M doing.  I love her.  She inspires me.

Current Book:  It pains me to say this (because I really DO love reading) but I still haven’t finished the book that I was reading like two months ago.  The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst.

Current Product Find:  (I’m copying Ashley on this as we’re both Advocare affiliates!)  This isn’t really a “find” BUT AdvoCare announced the first ever national 24 Day Challenge and I’m really excited about it!

24 Day Challenge All In

Not only will there be thousands of people nationwide doing the challenge together, but Advocare has created some perks if you order quickly!  If you order before December 31st, you can complete the “All In Challenge” and start with others on January 7th.  Travis is planning to do it!  I’m breastfeeding so I can’t personally participate (but still plan to do the “Nursing Mother” challenge).  If you’re interested in learning more, please email me at lindsayslist@gmail.com!

Current Tune:  Bop me over the head but I’m in love with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.  We dance to this song as a warm-up for Trackstars quite often.  I’ve almost gotten the group used to making fools of themselves.  Almost.

Current Drink:  Too much coffee….

Current Foods:  Cereal.  Ice cream.  Salads.  Pancakes.  And a whole lotta these PB2 crackers – so good!


Current Holy Moly:  We have an OFFICIAL SPONSOR for Blend 2015!!!!!  I can’t tell you who it is yet but this company is SPECIAL!!  Like I’m freakishly excited that they’ll be our main sponsor.  FYI – Blend tickets will go on sale MID-JANUARY!  I’ll have more information to come!

Current Show(s):  Gilmore Girls, Scandal, Arrested Development

Current OutfitTHIS sweatshirt!  I wear it almost every day.  It’s just cozy, ya know?!    sweatshirt

If you buy one , get a size UP.  They run kinda small.

Current Indulgence: Too many…

Current Want:  A little down time.  I’m carving out time this week for just that!

Current Confession:   I have great fun tweezing the gray hairs out of my hair.  Sometimes I just stand in front of the mirror and go to town.  I should probably start coloring it but I’m just not ready to bite that bullet.

Current Love:  Henry’s homemade Certificate of Achievement.  He even spelled achievement correctly.  Love that kid.


QUESTION:  Pick a “currently” and answer it!


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  1. Currently, I’m working on my next research paper and catching up on listening to the Serial Podcast, and wishing I was at home drinking coffee and baking gingerbread cookies (made some last week but gave them all away– my husband was highly disappointed about that–haha!).

  2. I’ve decided to gracefully gray. I don’t have the time or inclination to dye it. I know several women with gorgeous gray hair (including my mom). Added bonus: I might look closer to my true age with a streak of gray…