With no prompting from me, Henry decided to sit down and write out all the things he wanted our family to accomplish this holiday season.  He likes lists, just like his mama, and he really put some thought into what he wanted to do.  I was so proud when I read over it.


If you can’t read his (super adorable) handwriting:

1 – Advent Calendar

2 – Bake Christmas cookies.

3 – Open presents.

4 – Play out in the snow.

5 – Go caroling.

6 – Watch Christmas movies.

7 – Have a snowball fight.

8 – Build a snowman.

9 – Drink hot cocoa.

10 – Give a present to someone.

(That’s a Christmas tree at the bottom by the way.  I know it looks like it’s not a Christmas tree but it totally is.)

The list is posted on our fridge so we can read it (everysingleday) and check things off as we accomplish them.  And because we live in North Carolina where it usually doesn’t snow until January or February, we haven’t completed half of these items as they kinda require some snow.  Please someone send us some snow or even a plane ticket to get to somewhere snowy!

I’ll be completely honest here:  this holiday season has been hard on me.  With the out-of-left-field news about my papaw and dealing with a (stressful) new business venture, I just haven’t felt overly cheery.  The good news is that Henry and Clara haven’t adopted my sadness.  They’re SO excited about Christmas and celebrating Jesus’ birthday.  They’re SO excited to give and receive presents.  And they’re SO happy to have Porter here this year to share in all of our traditions.


I just love doing all this with them under my feet and by my side.  Motherhood is seriously just the best.  They make everything okay.  Like I can breathe.  Like there’s a purpose and a reason. 



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  1. Beautiful family picture!!!! On my christmas list.. Sledding with the family! Drake’s new favorite!

  2. I just adore the list Henry made … SO cute!

    There’s some stuff going on in my life that’s made it a little tough at times for me to truly get in the Christmas spirit too, so I feel you on that. You’re right though – our littles are amazing at making everything seem ok, bringing us joy, and spreading love and cheer always. Motherhood truly is a blessing. Continuing to pray for you and your family!

    You guys look SO great in that last photo! What a good looking family! xo