cawfee talk


How are ya??

What’s happenin’??

I wasn’t intending to take an entire week off but it just happened.  And it felt oh so good.  I needed that.

It’s currently Saturday morning at 11am.  After Trackstars and a breakfast of froyo (for the kids – I think I’d vomit if I ate froyo that early but kids seem to be able to do it), my mama took both Henry and Clara for the day so I’m here by myself with Porter.  Travis has a work deadline to meet (he works in tax software development) so he’s at work.  He came to Trackstars (!!!) and has actually been coming every Saturday for a good two months.  I’m SO proud of him.  For all the years I’ve known him, he’s been a heavy weightlifter so throwing in some strength endurance and plyometric work is completely out of his element.  It’s good for him.  Instead of buying a punchcard, he pays me in sex.  So it’s good for me too.

Sex.  I feel like no one really likes sex.  They don’t talk about it.  You tend to talk about the things you love.  I feel like sometimes I can’t NOT talk about it.  Must find that filter.  I wasn’t born with it.

I just finished a Quest Bar (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!) and my second cup of coffee.  I’m finding that with owning a coffee shop you can easily become jaded and expect GOOD coffee all the time.  This K-cup tastes really bitter.  I never noticed it before.  Quest just came out with a Smore-flavored bar that I’ve yet to get my hands on.  Anybody tried it?

We’re supposed to go later today and buy a couch! <-side note: we actually DID buy one!  It’s set to arrive today and I’m super excited.  We have this “front room” (that’s what we call it – the “front room” – I’m not sure why.  I guess it’s towards the “front” of the house?) and it’s been completely empty for the last year because furniture is expensive and we’re poor.  Well not completely empty – there’s actually a ton of photography crap in there.  And Legos.  Lots of Legos.  But from a design standpoint, the room has nothing in it.  We’ve been saving for a year and we finally have enough to get a decent couch.  We need two chairs and a rug as well but those items will have to wait.  We’re operating on a zero debt system (which is such a blessing!) so the room’ll have to look a little bare for a while longer.  Things like this, not being able to furnish an entire room and buying things RIGHT when I want them, used to bother me but I’ve gotten over myself.  I’d say a year into our marriage I finally realized that I married Travis and not some millionaire and I’m blessed beyond measure that he’s so frugal and wise with our money.

Anyway, we’re buying a couch and it will look something this.


A chesterfield!!!

Ooooooo…I can’t wait!

I also need to take the kids and get our Christmas tree.  Do you guys buy a tree every year or have an artificial tree?  I don’t know what it is but I’ve never really liked the thought of an artificial tree – there’s something so special about a live one.  Maybe because my dad (and his dad) used to be tree farmers.  From my birth up until I was about 13 years old, we raised Christmas trees (we = my dad, as I had nothing to do with it and actually probably killed a couple due to taking a hacksaw to the bottom branches to build forts.).  Real trees are where it’s at.  The needles don’t bother me.

I took a few pictures over Thanksgiving weekend but I think I’ll save them for tomorrow and do a big ole picture dump.  People love those.  You don’t have to read or think.  You just look.

I’ll do that.


Nice chat.  My bitter coffee is cold.

QUESTION:  Did you have a good weekend?  Any awesome, life-changing news that I missed?


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  1. Love your lack of filter! I laughed!

    And I love the new couch. Jamie and I are house hunting fingers crossed something awesome comes on the market soon) and I have been obsessed at looking at all things home related!

  2. Punch card system?? Tell me about it, please.
    I teach bootcamp 3 days a week and piyo 2 days week. I have considered doing something similar, your suggestions are welcome!
    Thank you

  3. Loved our coffee talk! ;) We do the debt free thing too, and while the selfish side of me thinks that it sucks sometimes, I’m SO grateful for it 99% of the time. Like you said, it may mean I don’t get to have something RIGHT when I want it, but being able to stay home with Hunter and not feeling financially stressed all the time is SUCH a blessing. Not to mention the fact that when you save for something and finally do get it, it makes it THAT much more special and exciting. I LOVE your couch!