Oh hey there!  How is it November already?!?!  Where did this year go?!?!

I didn’t intend to leave the blog hanging so much over the weekend but tis life right now.  I counted and I have SIX different lists going on right now, organizing the various parts of my life and I just needed to catch up with those things (and love on some kiddos and that bearded guy that hangs around).  Life is BUSY.  Busy and BLESSED.  I’m starting to get the hang of all of this small business stuff and my stress levels are lowering.  There haven’t been nearly as many days where I’ve felt overwhelmed (the first week was BAAAAD – I couldn’t sleep).  I’m hopeful that a month from now I’ll have most of this new stuff down pat.

This past weekend we got some SNOW!!  I honestly can’t remember the last time it snowed this early in the season (we live in Western North Carolina) but Saturday morning we woke up to about an inch of snow.  It was just enough to have a little mini-snowball fight on our way to Saturday morning breakfast.  Which I haven’t talked about lately because we haven’t been able to go for EIGHT weeks due to soccer!!  Oh and I completely forgot about the time change until late Saturday night.  Since my mama took Henry and Clara for the night, I got to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning.  Neeeeeeded.

Here’s the weekend in pictures:


^we try.^



^all of our pumps are now in!!^^


^on friday afternoon, the entire basketball and volleyball teams came in for froyo!!  i had to go in and help – so much excitement and so many sour patch kids to restock.^







^katy and i see each other multiple times a week but we don’t have the time to TALK like we used to so we went on Saturday and got pedicures with our little girls.  many more to come!^


^quiche is BACK.  but when was it ever gone?^


^he beat me in tennis and baseball.  i dominate in bowling though.^


^i said YES to the dress these boots.^


^tip: go get this pumpkin pie bar mix and sub in chobani pumpkin yogurt for the butter (keep the crust butter).  it’s SO good and adds a bit more protein.  health food.^




^in love with these reebok tights i bought with a groupon.  if you ever order reebok (not crossfit reebok) pants or tights, size DOWN.^


QUESTION:  Any highlights from YOUR weekend that I need to know??


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  1. This weekend I got in another long swim with a much better stroke. A swim mate gave me a hug and is hopeful I’ll give birth during a set (15 days or less).

    I also made GF oatmeal choc chip muffins and am working on a baked apple muffin recipe for today.

    We also had a no-rain Friday and Saturday so we cleared another 20 feet of land, removed fence posts and fence, etc. We just might get the front done before E arrives. (We= me sawing, hub on fence duty plus major trees.)