I’m pretty certain elves are stealing our weekend hours.

And my socks.

And drinking my almond milk.  I swear I buy ten gallons a week.

I’ve never really been in a position where I was desperately WAITING for the weekend to come (mamas don’t really get true “weekends” anyway) but lately the weekends have been so precious to me.  It’s a two day chance to really reconnect and slow down.  I need more of both in my life right now.

Speaking of resting and recharging, I’m taking this next weekend and attending the Refresh Summit in Franklin, Tennessee!  <-I live in Franklin, NC …does every state have a Franklin??  I think so.  At Refresh, I’m actually hosting the Body Image Workshop on Saturday!  I need to sit down this week and get everything out on paper but I’m EXCITED!!  My friend and client Tiffany is attending with me so she, Porter and I will be heading over on Friday and won’t return until Sunday night.  Travis will be on older kid duty and they’re most assuredly looking forward to it.  Whenever I leave (even if it’s for an hour) I come back to a completely disastrous house and THE happiest children.  Travis doesn’t just put on a TV show and let them zone out – he’s very hands on (and messy).  Smile  Anybody else’s hubby like that??  I’m thankful.  And blessed.


^^Porter had a growth spurt allllll last week which meant he was up nursing 5-7 times a night.  Which means double shots of espresso on Friday.^^



^^I received this UE Boom through my partnership with Verizon and Fitfluential.  We receive a gadget every month (which I’m SO thankful for) but this little speaker is far and away my FAVORITE!!  I’d buy this with my own money – in fact, we’re getting one for the coffee shop!  You simply sync it with a phone with Bluetooth and it easily fills a gymnasium with loud, fantastic sound.  Love it!^^


^^My Trackstars group just had its first week INDOORS!  Thank goodness because it was getting pretty cold out.^^



^^It says to do this every month.  I don’t.  My clothes were starting to stink so I sucked it up and went through the process.  How often do you clean your washing machine??^^



^^Always trying to get ahead…^^



^^Fun fact:  I could eat pizza every single day.  I really don’t think it’s that unhealthy (if you do it right).  My favorite:  thin crust with grilled chicken, mushrooms, spinach and green pepper.^^




^^My aunt, cousin, sister and mama helped completely redesign the coffee shop this weekend.  It looks AMAZING!!  The style is COOL RUSTIC and it compliments the coffee and frozen yogurt aspects well.  If you’re local, go check it out this week!^^


QUESTION:  Any fun things that happened around your house?  Do you need a little getaway?  When was your last vacation?


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  1. We drove a bit north this weekend for a clam dig. The sunset was gorgeous, the winds were calm, our toddler napped the entire time, the hub got his limit of clams quickly, and we headed back home.

    That was our last “getaway” til after this little girl within arrives by sometime next week or before.

    If the weather cooperates, we’ll take her clamming next weekend (snug in the car, or a bit outside…winds and rain depending).

    The rest of the weekend, we worked…a lot. We don’t have regular hours as we work from home.

  2. Ditto on the pizza! (Except you eat it WAY healthier than me, haha)

    We had a little getaway to Chicago. It was a LONG drive with a toddler, but well worth it! Made lots of fun family memories!

    Hope you are able to *somehow* have a relaxing weeks :)