On being accountable.  On expectations.  On wanting to help you.


As one of my clients so eloquently put it (on her check ledger and I just had to write a post about it), I sell fitness.

Not weight loss.

Not inches lost.

Not an eating plan.

Not even a lifestyle change.

Those things are out of my control as a trainer.

Read that again.

I cannot change your eating.  I cannot force you to lose weight.  I am not a magic pill that you can take.

I sell fitness.

{And I’m quite good at it.}

I sell squats.  Lunges.  Pushups.  Burpees.

My fees cover program design and assessments.  I’m paid to track numbers, reps and weights.  I set up appointments so we can continue our little fling for as long as we need.  Occasionally and perhaps most importantly, I throw motivation, a shoulder to cry on and cheerleading in for free.

That’s what I do.  Those are the things I sell.

It’s up to YOU, the client, to make your investment to me worth it.  YOU put in the work.  YOU track your calories and you put down the brownie.  YOU show up.  YOU.

All I sell is fitness.

You have to do the rest.

(and the cheerleader and trainer in me says, “YOU CAN!!”  You can absolutely do the rest!!  Because you’re awesome and you seek change and I’m rooting for you 100 percent!)


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  1. Oh, Lindsay. This post absolutely makes me wish we lived closer to each other. I would LOVE to hire you, and I don’t know of anything near me that’s so kid-friendly, quality, and that I would be comfortable with. You have something special there; your clients are lucky!