my support bra

Confession:  I HATE wearing bras.

They’re just not cool.

The padding, the wires, the straps digging in to your shoulders.  Figuring out what size you are.  That step alone has stopped me from buying any bras online and since I’m so busy and never leave this town to go shopping, I’ve been wearing the same bras from like 10 years ago.  All my nursing ones look ragged (6 years going strong) and all the ones I bought prior to having children don’t fit anymore.  You wanna know what the best feeling in the world is??  Coming home after a long day and taking off that bra.  I fling it across the room for extra dramatic effect.

Maybe it’s just me but putting on a bra is like putting myself into a torture chamber.

Anyhoo…today I’m not even talking about real bras.  I wanted to take a second and talk about my support system.

My husband.

My family.

My close friends.

My support bras.


Let me tell you this – I couldn’t do HALF of the things I do without those people in my life.  Because of them, I was able to go away last weekend and not worry one millisecond about my children’s safety and happiness.  That means a lot!!  Living near Travis’ parents and my parents means that I don’t have to look far for someone EAGER to spend time with my kiddos.

I remember when we were living in Colorado and I thought about what parents must do when they don’t live close to family and close friends.  They hire babysitters.  They spend money to do fun adult things and then they have to pay a babysitter to make doing the fun things possible.  I’m not saying that’s the worst thing in the world (and I’m sure I’ll pay a babysitter to watch my kids at some point) but to have people close by that can help out – it makes a world of difference for this mama.  Not only do they sub in for me when an adult is needed but I also love how they ENRICH my children’s lives by offering a different approach, different ways of doing things.  I think children need that variety.

It truly takes a village to raise my kids.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

QUESTION:  Do you live close to family that help out??  Do you think it’s important?  <-we MOVED across the country for the extra support!


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  1. I definitely need my family support system. I wouldn’t be able to do all the ‘extra’ things I love to do without them watching and loving on my kiddos. So helpful and comforting! Oh and blegh to regular bras. I live in handfuls now ever since having Hunter – workouts, nursing and normal living!

  2. Omg no way, I thought only I thought of bras like this! I Live in sport bras, I can’t do normal bras, they just feel uncomfortable .

    So glad I found your bog. Subscribing now. Great minds think alike!

  3. Josh and I moved to Omaha last year and all our family live back East. This is a permanent move for us (he’s in a tenure track position that he loves) but it scares me a bit to think of raising a family one day without family around. :(

  4. I never realized how much I loved having family close by until I moved from NC to Pittsburgh for graduate school! While I’ve been able to spend longer and longer times back home with my husband (as he finishes his PhD in NC) as my PhD progressed, we’ve realized how much we want to stay near our families (in Raleigh and Asheville) as we look for jobs and start to think about having kids. So obviously, having family close by is now super important to us!

  5. I am jealous that your family is so close! We’re now much, much closer- both sets of grandparents are just 2+ hours away so it’s an easy weekend trip or even day trip. And they are both always happy to help! They can’t do the random date night here and there but I do feel lucky that we can see them nearly every month.

  6. Last year we moved to support my husband’s parents more, as both are living witg Parkinson’s. (Dad for 23+ years vs Mom for 2.5)

    We have definitely found ourselves aiding them a ton. Yet they return the support, too. They’re visiting us this week to help as Daughter 2 was born two days ago via repeat C-section.

    Knowing they are with Daughter 1, who adores them, is a blessing as the hub has a . pretty intense work-school week. It means I have extra Mom-Baby time solo which I am loving!!

  7. I live in Virginia and my parents live in Ohio but my brother and sister-in-law live near us which is SO awesome. I love babysitting my nephew and it’s nice to have them around when we need help, too. I think we’ve convinced my parents to move here, though, so that’s going to be AMAZING!