I haven’t done one of these Loving Lately posts in quite some time.  I always enjoy reading these posts on other blogs (it’s how I discovered my coveted PedEgg!)) so I hope you find something that you like!  Some of the links are affiliated, some aren’t –> as ALWAYS, we thank you for supporting our ice cream habit.


New Parks & Rec!

Travis and I are eating up all the new Parks & Rec episodes on Netflix.  I almost feel like we should ration them (is that silly?!?) but we can easily watch 3 or 4 per night.  We ALWAYS put the kids down at 8pm, get our cereal and plop down on the couch for our shows.  It’s our THING.


Spoiler alert:  I am a little sad to see Rob Lowe leave.  Of course I would relate to his health-nut character.

Under Armour SpeedForm running shoes

Finishline recently sent me the new Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo running shoes to test out.  Check out the colors!



These lightweight running shoes (only 5.2 ounces!!) are made out of a breathable, mesh material on top and offer a spring-loaded sole on the bottom.  I’ve been wearing them around to run errands just to break them in and will be taking them down to the track tomorrow for some speed work with my Trackstars group.  I love how light they feel while also providing support!  I’m not sure I’d wear them for any runs over 3 miles or so but they’ll work perfectly for shorter, speed-focused runs!

Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!!

I’ve been adding pumpkin spice to anything and everything lately.  Yogurt, pancakes, even CEREAL.  Fall is my favorite season and it just screams PUMPKIN SPICE.  Febreeze Pumpkin Spice air spray – we have that.  Pumpkin Spice K-Cups – yep, those too.  It’s almost comical to see all the pumpkin-scented/tasting things out on the market.  We tend to take things a little overboard, no? Smile

My MoveMore girls

I love my MoveMore clients!  I’m sure I overuse this word but FELLOWSHIP is a truly wonderful thing.  I would call myself a loner – I like to be alone and I’m content going day to day without much interaction with other people.  But I also love having close friends and people to share workouts, meals, and chit chat with.  I really think we were created to interact and love on one another.

Planning Blend 2015

Speaking of fellowship, we’re getting things together for the 2015 Blend RetreatMark your calendars for May 15th-17th!  Early bird tickets will go on sale SOON (probably first of November) and space is limited since we’ll be back at Chautauqua park again.  I’ll be sure to let you know when those tickets go on sale!

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Caramel


A bag square a day keeps the doctor away.  I live this mantra.

“The Best Yes”

The Refresh Summit is coming up (November 14th-16th…I’m speaking!) and we were encouraged to read Lysa Terkeurst’s book “The Best Yes” so we could discuss it at the retreat.  It’s worth every penny!  I cut out SO much last year when I took my blog/work break but I constantly feel that pull to say yes to more and more things.  I’m now three chapters in and I cry while reading it – the message just speaks volumes to my spirit.  If you have a hard time saying no to trivial things (even to the not-so-trivial things that seem great), you need this book.

the best yes

QUESTION:  What’s one thing YOU’RE loving lately??


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  2. I DO need that book. I’ve heard about it a lot lately. Saying “no” to things is something I’ve really been working on lately. It’s tough for me as I love to be involved, help, and be busy. But, I know that too much isn’t best for my family or me.

    Yay for Blend 2015!!! So exciting. :)

  3. Honestly? I am LOVING Chickfila lately. As a new mom of 2, I love the enclosed play place that my near-3-year-old loves. Someone always comes to ask if they can refill my drink and/or help me, there is healthy food AND ice cream. I spend a little too much money there these days…

  4. Girl, you’ve got to try my pumpkin protein pie. Microwave cooking – I know you’re a fan ;) – and pumkingasmic goodness. So yeah, clearly that’s what I’m loving lately.

    Also, How I Met Your Mother reruns while I food prep. It’s a habit I’m not about to fight.

  5. Those are my favorite of the Ghiradelli chocolate squares!

    Lately I’m loving everything fall! I got some cute, mini pumpkins at the grocery store this weekend to decorate our kitchen table and I’ve practically burned through an entire pumpkin spice candle in a week! Love this time of year! :)

  6. I just fell in love with Parks & Rec too :) I’ve been watching it when I’m up for feedings or when Dan gets home – too funny!!!

    I am all ready to register for Blend as we are going to make it our family vacation and stay with family some in CO too -yipee!!!