Wednesday seems like as good as any to air the laundry out.  Let’s go.

These are my confessions….

1)  Speaking of laundry, I have a clean pile laying on my bed.  Three loads worth.  I can do SO many things with ease – why is folding the laundry so darn impossible?!?!  I seriously “fluff” them in the dryer like 3 or 4 times before I finally throw in the towel and get them out.  Then they sit until I can’t stand it any longer.  Blah.

2)  I confess that I stood in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and picked ALL the M&M’s out of the trail mix.  I also confess that I’ll go to the store today and buy a bag of M&M’s to replace the ones I ate.  You do this too, no?


3)  I confess that I want another baby.  I don’t mind being sick for 9 months again.

4)  No, I’m not pregnant.

5)  I add sprinkles to pretty much anything my kids have a hard time eating.  Yogurt.  Pancakes.  Broccoli.  For a negligible amount of sugar, Henry will now eat lettuce.  #parentwin #orfail


6)  I confess that the approaching colder weather makes me uneasy about my outdoor training business.  I’m looking for an indoor space to rent.  Locals, know of anything (I have quotes from a few different places)??

7) I had a creepy amount of fun planning out today’s Trackstars workout. I like to say “burpee” and hear the girls moan.


8)  I confess that I need a pedicure.  Like yesterday.  It’s baaaad.  I should just pull out the nail polish and my tools and do it myself one day but I kind of LOVE sitting there and letting someone else do it.  I’d rather get a pedicure than eat out or get my hair colored.

9)  I literally just went back to the bag of trail mix to search for another M&M.  I found a brown one that looked like a raisin but wasn’t.  Pretty stoked.

10)  I have no 10.  Have the best Wednesday!

QUESTION:  Confess something to me!


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  1. I need a pedicure too! Like, BAD. The other day I went for a walk in sandals and the way the late day sunlight was shining on my feet made my toe shadows look like I had claws. No joke. My MIL is here this week and bought a bag of marshmallows to make melted snowman cookies with my 3 yo. I can’t walk by that cupboard without snagging one.

  2. If I could eat m&ms that would be me. The milk chocolate KILLS me. Because obviously I don’t eat 5. I eat 50…and then I have diarrhea.

    For the boot camp…do you have a local church that has a gym they would let you use for a small fee? Or even a local elementary school? You’ve probably thought of this…just adding my two cents!

    Oh and I love folding laundry (I know I don’t have 3 kids, but I truly do love it) and love burpees even more! Xo

  3. I always love your honesty…Your posts definitely make me laugh and today I needed that laugh. I can’t think of any good confessions right now…I’ve spent a good portion of today after training all my morning clients in my PJ’s…braless of course…no shame!

  4. I will counter you confession #1 … I despise actually doing the laundry. The act of getting it in the washer, from the washer to the dryer, then out of the dryer. However, I truly don’t mind, and maybe even enjoy folding and putting it away. Something about how fresh and clean it smells maybe or in the winter I challenge myself to get it all folded while it’s still nice and warm. I’ve found, in the winter, if I can get my bed sheets washed, dried, and put back on the bed while they are still nice and warm, the warmth seems to hold between the mattress and comforter and still be nice and comfy when I crawl into bed at night.
    I’ll make you a deal … you do the washing and drying … I’ll do the folding and putting away :)

  5. Confession.. 9 more days till baby comes and I’m totally milking it. haha!
    I also wore the same socks I wore yesterday because my laundry is also sitting a in huge pile.

    Couldn’t you do your workouts in your basement? Not enough space? Maybe a rec center?

  6. I confess that…

    1. We painted our kitchen until we couldn’t reach. We spend more time outside and have grown accustomed to unique paint edges.

    2. Some days I’d rather saw and clear our land than swim, so I do.

    3. I’m prepping a Trader Joe’s treat storage bag for the family when daughter 2 arrives shortly. (Citrus gum drops, dark chocolate bars, fruit bars, etc.)

  7. I usually end up picking out all the m&ms and throwing the rest away – I like the way you think!

  8. Haha, I love this post! I think you picked my brain for it though haha. My husband actually offered to help with laundry because our clothes situation has gotten so dire around here – yikes! And now I want M&M’s for breakfast :)