happy birthday travis

I have THE worst memory (not exaggerating) but I think I remember the first year we were together and celebrating your birthday.  Didn’t we go to Elmo’s Diner in Carrboro??  I think we did.  You ordered your traditional biscuits and gravy and I probably had a hard time paying attention because I was sooooooo excited about the impending “waitresses and bus boys coming to sing the Happy Birthday Song” that was about to come.  It’s tradition.  You must embarrass the birthday boy.

Now here we are, eleven years later, and I’m still excited to celebrate you, Travis.  The kids and I worked REALLY hard on an ice cream cake yesterday.  You should have seen their little faces when I told them that we couldn’t tell you about it (or eat it right then and there).  We bought you socks too.  Boring, yes, but you need them so that’s what we thought was best.  (Actually Henry thought you’d like your own Lego set but I somehow talked him out of that one).


We love you!  And I’m so happy there’s a WE.  Our little family.  Our children are BLESSED to have you as a dad.  And I’m BLESSED to share this life with my best friend.

We celebrate YOU today.

And we really hope you’ll share that ice cream cake.


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