Happy happy {HAPPY} Friday, friends!!  I’m sick over here.  Wahhhh.  Porter and I have a head cold – fevers, yellow snot, all that jazz so I called in the big guns for today’s post.  You already know that Travis and I are in the middle of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  What you might NOT know is that the first 10 days of the Challenge, you “cleanse” your body of all toxins to prep it for the last 14 days.  Since we’re finished with that stage of the plan, I asked Travis to share his experience and insight about the first 10 days.  (Which btw, he ROCKED!) 

Take it away, babe!


Recently I agreed to do the 24 Day Advocare Challenge.  We are in the middle right now.  But the 24 Day Challenge is the 10 Day Adovcare Cleanse and then a 14 day other thing Lindsay will probably nag me to write about in…well in roughly 14 days.  So today I’m here to tell you what to expect from the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse.  (I’m talking the real hardcore one not the safe-for-nursing-mothers-wimpy version Lindsay’s been doing.) <-lol…Lindsay here.  Here’s what I’ve been doing.

What It Is

herbal cleanse

The Cleanse system is a combination of probiotics, fiber, vitamins/minerals/antioxidants, Fatty acids and energy support.  The first day goes like this, on waking drink a Spark (amino acid and b6/b12), with breakfast you add the fiber drink, with dinner you take some fish/flax oil in pill form, then you end the night with the vitamin/mineral/antioxidant pills (Echinacea, C, Milk Thistle, cranberry extract, garlic and a bunch of other similar stuff).  On day four you drop the fiber drink and add in the probiotic. Then on day 8 you add back the fiber drink, and for the last three days are taking the full barrage of toxin destroying body and soul purifying supplements.

What It’s Like

…havin’ a roni.   Wait no, um, so my experience with it.  First off it’s crazy easy you go down the daily check list and check things off.  When I was young I had a heart murmur and when I went to the dentist for some reason I had to swallow 6 horse pills each time.  For a six year old that was pretty tough.  But it has served me well in that taking pills now ain’t no thing.  If it was, this whole program would be kind of a pain.  So it’s easy.  That’s the whole point really.  It’s one box, it’s got everything you need all broken down into timed sections and a checklist.  I’m not going to drone on about efficacy or double blind placebo controlled blah blah blah, or that you couldn’t build your own system of top quality components and possibly even save a couple dollars.  The benefit of this program is all of the work is done for you, ingredients, doses and amounts all already planned out partitioned and prepared.

Advocare Cleanse Checklist

1. Order it

2. Ingest things when it says to

3. …

4. Profit

 But Does It Work?

As far as effect it’s not one of those things were you get to say, “It really decreased my toxin levels.”  If you have toxin levels that are palpable then pretty much any program that’s not “continue taking toxin pills” is going to help.  Also I’ve always really disliked any program that uses the, “when used as part of a healthy diet and exercise program” phrase.  Do you know what helps your health “when part of a healthy diet and exercise program”?  Literally everything.  But a couple packs of pills isn’t going to do you any real good.  Not long term anyway.  That’s not the goal and that’s not the claim.  But what this can do is help you with the real change that needs to be made.  If you’re body does a poor job of harvesting nutrients from food, it’s going to require a lot more food to get it’s necessary nutrients.  Also by giving you the nutrients in a bioavailable form your cravings for sugars (your bodies way of asking for fruit, the natural nutrient packed food).  Everyone I’ve talked to that has gone through this phase (even the wimpy-safe-for-nursing version) has commented on the reduced sugar cravings.  Making the transition to a diet of more whole food easier to adjust to and more likely to last.


So given all that, I can’t accurately attribute benefit to the supplements vs. the dietary changes.  But regardless, I’m happy with the results.  So the burning boring question’s answer is Yes I have lost weight, actually I’ve dropped 4.8 pounds.  But that’s not the point nor the goal of this part.  The real benefit, that might be attributed to this section, is how much better my skin is getting.  Now as well as dropping my nightly Ice Cream, I’ve avoided all dairy entirely.  So saying that it’s the cleanse purifying my being as opposed to some mild allergy to milk proteins, isn’t a 100% sure thing.  But I’m not doing either alone I’m doing them together and doing them together works really well.


That’s all for now I’ll be back when the entire challenge is over.


QUESTION:  Ever tried a “cleanse”?  Ever tried any food elimination for skin issues?


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