Hi, hello and how are you?!?

I sometimes feel like a broken record with these weekend recaps (“it was great…it was short…can we please have more time together”…) but I really enjoy sharing a few pictures of our family time.  This weekend we tackled the home improvement project from hell.  There’s just no other way to put it.  The project?

We painted our basement floors.

Except we didn’t.

We painted like a quarter of what we’d hope to paint.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever done this type of work yourself, but the process of painting concrete is exhausting (and expensive!).  We set out to paint about 1,000 sq. feet of floor (which in hindsight was just way too much) and ended up painting around 300 sq. ft.  <-even this took a lot of time.  I’m sure it didn’t help that we’re inexperienced and have a 70-year old basement floor but I still think it would be a hard project for anyone (or maybe it’s really easy and we’re just wimps?).  The actual painting was a breeze – the preparation work before you can paint…that’s the hard part.  Anyway, lesson learned and now we’ve got this neat little (out-of-place) patch of beautifully painted cement in the corner of our basement.  Hehe.

Live and learn, right?  I’ll try and remember to share the finished look when it’s completed (we still have one last step to do).

Here’s the weekend in pictures (no particular order):




^^We’ve been having “Smoovie” night every week.  I make a big batch of peanut butter-banana smoothies and we drink them while watching a movie.  It’s the best.^^



^^Review to come this week– still learning all about this new Polar F60.^^





^^Had to.^^



^^On Saturday morning, the Track Stars group completed “Hit The Deck.”  They LOVED it (I think….).


^^I like to document our group through pictures but we’re kinda running out of poses. Smile^^






^^Buy these!!^^





^^Meal prep.  For more time saving tips, go here.^^





^^Like puttin’ lipstick on a pig.^^




^^Postpartum hair loss is no joke.  I think this past month has been the worst.^^




^^I just ordered these.  I’ve yet to put them on.  Have you tried Jamberry yet?^^






^^This x2 plus allllll the coffee.^^

QUESTION:  Best thing you ATE all weekend???


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  1. I just put my jamberry nail wraps on this weekend and I love them! Definitely could use some more practice though. Loved seeing all your weekend pictures. Its hard enough for us to get our room painted and I cannot imagine trying to do a whole garage floor.

  2. Best thing?! Surprise dinner at my boyfriend’s parents! Salmon, pasta salad (noodles, radishes, grapes…so good), grilled peaches, baked potato and sweet potato. It was SO GOOD. And I love these posts – they show such a normal life (nothing fancied up!).

  3. We painted our basement floors and yes, it’s horrible. First of all we had to scrap up all the old chipped paint from the previous owners and anything larger than a 1″ putty knife wouldn’t work. It was a loooottt of scrapping. Now 6+ years later and it’s already peeling up. I’m going to go ahead and blame that on us though; I’m positive we did something wrong (or too cheap).

  4. Looks like pretty fabulous weekend to me! Loving the Jamberry patterns you chose! And you can never go wrong with Justin’s!

    Best thing I ate this weekend: Grimaldi’s brick oven pizza, Coldstone, PB&J French Toast Sandwich…guess there was a lot of great food to be had. ;)

  5. Honestly, even though I baked a bunch for a birthday party, I was all over the pb cup that I ate for dessert last night as my favorite. The dark chocolate Theo pb cups are incredible!

    Painting =90%prep, 10% paint. Luckily my dining room is almost done and I’ll share pics on IG soon. It’s been a beast!!

    Btw, is Clara eating cream cheese & chive crackers? Those things are SO good!!

  6. I always love your weekend photos! We have spent WAY too much time at lowes since we moved into the new house. Paint, curtains, appliances, you name it.
    My dad painted his garage floor and used those color flakes and I remember what a nightmare it was!

  7. Don’t home improvement projects always just take so much longer than expected?! Bah. It’ll be so worth it though – all that prep work – once you have a brand spankin’ new floor! I’m excited to see the progress/outcome of it :)

  8. Homemade granola out of the freezer in our kitchen!

    We were on the road last week, returned for part of the weekend, and leave tomorrow for another 8 days (this time helping the hub’s Dad who has PD while his Mom is gone).

    Standing in our own home was relieving. The granola hit the preg craving spot just right. Exhaustion and great taste left me near tears while wanting to dance at the same time.