The last of the beach recaps, I swear!

I’m so glad you guys liked the workouts that I shared – if you missed them, go back and start pinning – and I’m especially glad that we can talk about our messy lives!  Even though I haven’t met most of you, I still feel all friend-like up in here.

Today I’m sharing a bit of information about our condo (for anyone who’d like to book) and my thoughts on the digital detox that I took while away.

Our Condo

First things first – I don’t own a beach condo.  Man, that would be SO nice.  We actually stay at a friend’s condominium located in the Blue Lupine at Blue Mountain Beach, Florida.  I can’t say enough great things about it!  I tried to get in there and take pictures before any of our things were unpacked (you should have seen the amount of junk that three vacationing families can fit into one condo!).












The condo has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths (sleeps 8!) and sits on the fourth floor so the views are phenomenal (The Blue Lupine is right on the beach with gated stair access).  This condo gets booked up quickly in advance so if you’re considering a Destin/Blue Mountain Beach vacation, you should jump on it!  I talked to the owner and he is honoring a DISCOUNT for Lindsay’s List readers – all you have to do is mention that you read about it here (I get no referral fee or anything – I just like this place so much).  Go here to book!

Digital Detox: Reflections

While we were at the beach, my goal was to completely step away from the blog (writing and reading other blogs) and all social media (instagram, facebook, twitter).  I knew going in to this challenge that I would have to be at least a little connected because of a Verizon campaign that I’m currently working on, but for the most part I just wanted to not even LOOK at my phone for the week.

The first two days were hard.

I noticed that reaching for my phone is such a HABITWhen I was bored.  When we were waiting at a red light (me in the passenger seat).  Even in the short elevator ride down to the pool.  It was a habit for me to look at my phone.  Then I’d remember that I wasn’t supposed to be looking and I’d put it away.  By day 3, I just kept the phone on the bedside table and it really didn’t move that much for the rest of the week.  I used it to take pictures but the draw of browsing Instagram or Facebook just lost it’s appeal.

I really want to become more intentional with my phone.  I’m not one to set hard and fast rules (i.e. no phone on xyz days or times) because then I’ll just rebel against them.  I know that’s crazy but that’s me.  My goal is to just be more present with whatever is in front of me – sometimes during the day, that IS my phone or computer – and that’s ok.  With three kids and a husband to tend to though, I don’t have much time to dawdle with technology.  And that’s ok too.


QUESTION:  Ever thought of taking your own “digital detox”?  Been to Destin/Blue Mtn. Beach?  Where does your family vacation?


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  1. i just had a weird moment where i remembered the condos our family would get on our random vacations when i was a kid, those spots are so vivid to me, and right now you are making those vivid memories for your kids and that’s pretty cool!

  2. I love the crystal clear water of the Gulf! My beach trips are usually to the coast of NC. As for digi-detox, I’m not a huge social media fan anyway, so I never log into FB and very rarely into Pinterest or Twitter, but I enjoy checking Instagram and I know what you mean about how it can become a habit simply to fill space/time. I guess there’s a happy medium somewhere! :)

  3. This looks wonderful – I love condo vacations. We do a lot of that in the winter right now for snowboarding, so much more space & cheaper than a hotel! I think finding balance with the phone is an ongoing battle – at least for me!

  4. Good for you for being present and soaking in that vacation with the family. Looking at my phone is SUCH a habit for me, too, and I’ve been slowwwwly breaking it. I want that phone to be a tool that I can use and enjoy, not a 5th appendage.

  5. We live walking distance from the Pacific Ocean and do digital detox often. Our Internet and cell service can be spotty here, so sometimes we detox unexpectedly!

    As we live so close to the beach, we don’t vacation often. Most travel is work related (we’re writers) or to help family. Thankfully, my in-laws live at the base of Rainier, so our trips there feel like a vacation!

  6. Reaching for my phone is a habit for me, too. Sometimes in the evening when my husband and I are hanging out, I pick it up and think ‘What was I even goign to do?’ Check Facebook, which I just did 10 minutes ago. We’re trying to keep our phones down on the evenings and weekends as much as possible now.